App in Playstore but not in /e/ App Store

I need the app “Texecom Connect” for my home security system. The url is here:

Its not in he F-Droid store yet.

Shoudl i install from the Google Playstore? Is that possible?

I am a new user having installed /e/ on my Fairphone 3 yesterday

Thanks in advance.

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You can’t install PlayStore, but you can install Aurora from f-droid. Aurora is a FOSS client for Goolag Play Store

I think it will never be in F-droid, because it’s not a FOSS app. In f-droid you only find open source apps


2 additions:

  1. Apps currently not listed in /e/'s Apps installer can be requested by you directly in /e/'s Apps installer. /e/ developers will then see to it that the requested Apps get listed if possible.

  2. Not every App out there will work on /e/ because /e/ has no Google services. That’s the point of the exercise.
    Aurora Store lists Texecom Connect as depending on Google services. If an App needs Google services to work, /e/ has microG in place as an Open Source replacement to try to cover that base as good as possible, but there are limits to this, and so not every App which needs Google services will work.
    And even if such an App works on /e/ at a particular time, Google might break this with changes on their side any day, with microG having to catch up again, if at all possible. So there might be outages or an App stopping to work completely.

More about Aurora Store :

Many thanks to Anonyme, Harvey186 and AnotherELK. I now understand perfectly. I’ll install Aurora and see how i get on.

Aurora solved all my problems. Thanks again for your brilliant help.