Backing up /e/ OS while waiting for Android 12 TWRP


I cannot install TWRP on pixel 5 with the latest e os version because of the android version 12. Here is some details on the topic. I haven’t been able to boot TWRP as suggested either.

What should I do in the mean time to backup the cellphone? I mostly need contacts and apps. Is there something else I should consider? Can I do this from adb?

Thank you.

If you have a dev build of /e/OS and access to a Linux machine - real or virtual- you can use Android Backup and Restore Tools project. You need dev build because the tools use rooted debugging, which can be enabled in Developer options but only in dev builds.

See this post for guidance on how to use the tool

No. adb debug is deprecated and never worked well, if at all

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I’ve rooted stable with magisk, that would work too?

If adb root (i.e. rooted debugging) works, then it should work

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So I tried the full backup script, it didn’t restore properly. Pin didn’t work, then I got to reset to factory after reboot (data corrupt). The app backup worked at least. Didn’t try the partition backup.

I’ve not used the full script. and give me most of what I need for setting up a phone after factory reset (or acquiring a new phone)

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