Bank login applications in /e/ store

We practically all use bank apps these days, and the bank rules are tightening in such a way that the app will be necessary for 2-way authentication. I don’t find my bank app in the /e/ store and I don’t want to lose the access to my accounts. How do other users cope with that? I am afraid many banks consider GoolagPlay and I-Store as the only logical way to go.
Any specific feedback about the French banks will be highly appreciated too.
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Also, please check out Aurora Store.

It is an unofficial client for Google Play Store.

You can download all your apps from there and use them.

i answered some weeks ago here (in french thought) perhaps this could help you? Consider also
this post in the same thread.
hoping to help you.

Hi @manish and @denux, thank you very much for your advice. I have successfully installed Aurora Store and downloaded the bank app. I still have to test the bank app, but don’t doubt that will work.
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If any issues, we are here for you.

Also a tip here : [HOWTO] Installing Banking Apps

Well there is always an exception to the rule - say hello. I have even had my contactless bank cards disabled. Regarding this relentless push for every person to install an app I still resist and have recently posted this:


I don’t ever use any bank app 'cause I don’t trust it for privacy. My bank send me a “warning” for each connection from my Debian powered PC but wants me to install a gg assistant for my security… :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

Contactless paycard disabled too :wink: