Battery draining fast on Moto G4 Plus

I’ve just installed ‘e-0.5-n-201905099519-dev-athene’ ( and I noticed that the battery is draining quite fast; waaay faster than the stock 7.0. So I tried to disable almost everything that I don’t use, including system processes like weather, tasks, notes, mail, etc., but no luck. Any ideas?

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You can look at those topics about a battery drain, it might help :

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Are you a “user” with backup services on by default, and creating many files somehow? If so, my money would be on backups to e cloud.

I’m not using any backup feature. In fact, I’m a minimalist user so I disabled some of the apps/services that come with this ROM:

Also, I disabled both double-twist (activate camera) and chop-chop (activate torch). All this together seems to have decreased the battery drain. Still, it’s not like the original ROM.

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