Bluetooth: my Fairphone 2 doesn't find my Garmin sports watch

/e/ finds other bluetooth devices but not my Garmin Fenix 3 sports watch via the Garmin Connect app that I installed via Yalp on /e/

I have had the same problem with 2 different android wear watches. Smartwatches with android wear only connects to phones with GooglePlayServices, not with MircroG.
You can try it with LOS and you will have the same issue.

That’s why I have bought me an Amazfit Stratos Smartwatch.

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I see.
But aren’t Garmin smartwatches and Android Wear smartwatches different?

What kind of OS does have the garmin watch? His own or Android wear?

I thought it is android wear.

As you said, LineageOS has the same issue, someone reports here, but it seems that an app called ANT+ Enabler that costs 10euros solves the problem. I can’t try it right now.

I don’t think we can download non-free apps anyway…?

??? Why,??? there is f-droid. There you cn download open source apps and with yalp you can download every other apps

I believe @cedricoola didn’t mean proprietary, but paid apps with “non-free”.

@cedricoola: You can even download paid apps via Yalp if you have a G%§$e account.

Yes, I ment paid apps, sorry.

In Yalp, the paid apps don’t have the ‘download’ button (there is nothing in the lower part of the screen, where the Download button normaly is). A Google account? I have one but not on /e/ of course…

Yalp works like this:
You can log in with a fake account provided by Yalp. You can’t make payments with a fake account, so you can only download free (as in beer) apps this way.
You can also log in with your own G%§$e account if you have one. I don’t know if you then can make payments via Yalp, but you can definitely download apps that the account already payed for - just log in from your computer or another device to purchase the app.

Of course privacy decreases the more G%§$e you use:
Just F-Droid > Yalp with fake account > Yalp with own G%§$e account > G%§$e Apps & Services.

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I find some free versions of ANT+ Enabler on the web, but I’m not sure how safe it is to download them.

intsall it, but before starting first time disable all rights for the app. Than start it and if it will need someting it should ask. If it isn’t starting give it more rights step by step til it works


You cannot buy via yalp, but you can buy via play store website and download afterwards using yalp.

However one side note on using a “real” Google account: it violates their TOS to use alternative clients so it’s only advisable to do so when you don’t have must-have paid apps that you will loose access to if Google closes your account due to a TOS violation. You would need to buy them again from a different account…

If you really need to buy a app I suggest to use a old device with gservices and buy and install there. Afterwards extract the apk and sideload it to your real device. In regards to updates this is a bit cumbersome admittedly but for one or two apps it is doable. I actually do so. Already thinking about automating it… Should be doable. Just lacking time to invest into saving time :smiley:

We’re getting out of topic. App purchasing is being discussed here:

Right,off-topic. My musing above also do not fit into shared link. In-app purchases are a different (sad) story. Over and out. :smile:

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Have there been any advancements on this topic since January? On my Fairphone with Nougat, the Garmin Connect app still doesn’t detect my Garmin watch via bluetooth. Would it be the same on Oreo-based version?

If you’re able to do test installations (if you have working backups of your data) you might try it out yourself. You can find an Oreo based version to test e.g. here: Unofficial oreo build for FP2

This topic may be related (although there first connect is successful):
So it might be a driver problem, independent from /e/ os itself…

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Didn’t you have issue with the Amazfit application, trying to define your birthday ?
You can check my issue.


I suppose you question is directed to @harvey186 . I personnaly have a Garmin watch, not running Amazfit.

But thanks for reviving the topic. I’m going to try Bluetooth on Pie since Pie will be available soon.