Calling specific contact makes phone turn off

Every time I call a specific contact the following happens: After several minutes suddenly the pone turns off so I restart it, enter my passcode and the SIM PIN. When I call the contact to continue our conversation the call ends. That happened at least 4 times now, so annoying.

The contact is not stored in the regular phone app but in the hidden storage of OpenContacts ( version 20.0). I start the call by clicking on the contact’s home screen widget.

Do you have any solution or advice?

Fairphone 3
/e/ version 0.11-p-2020082870302-dev-FP3
Status of security updates: 5 Aug 2020
Phone app version ( 19.0

Hello, I suggest you to reboot into Safe Mode in order to see if the issue also occurs.

Maybe it’s a hardware problem ? I’ve never heard about such an issue with the FP3.

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Well that’s a good idea. I tried to reprocude this bug in normal mode first but due to the Vorführeffekt (demonstration effect) as we call it in Germany everything worked fine, the call wasn’t interrupted. In Safe Mode the bug didn’t occur either. And I can’t call the contact all the time just to reproduce some bug, sorry.

By the way: I submitted an issue to /e/'s Backlog: