Can I update my recovery without losing data?


I would like to know if it is possible to update the recovery without losing data on a phone.
How often should this update be done?

Thank you for your feedback.

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/e/OS for your device includes the /e/OS recovery, so updates should be included in the /e/OS updates. Is your /e/OS recovery not showing version 1.10 right now?

In general, installing or updating a recovery in a documented way should not affect user data, as user data is in a different storage partition.

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My recovery has never updated since my first installation. So I still have the e/os version 1.6

In that case go to Settings | Updater, select the three dots at top right, choose Preferences, and ensure that Update Recovery is set to ON.

Next update should fix that :crossed_fingers:


Update Recovery is already set to ON.
I have a feeling it hasn’t worked yet.
I’ll check on the next update.