Can not login outlook


the following problem occurs with Outlook.

I installed the latest update of /e/ last Tuesday.

Now I want to log in to outlook but get the following message. Error Something went wrong. [1001]. I’ve tried everything but nothing helps.

The only thing I can nob do is reset the Fairphone 3+ to factory settings.

I’d rather not do this last one.

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Version 1.0?
If so, is the newly introduced Advanced Privacy in the Settings enabled?
Outlook doesn’t seem to like it (or at least aspects of it).

Advanced Privacy was off by default when I updated to eOS ver 1.0.

yes I have installed V 1.0 whether I’m really happy with it I don’t know yet.

How do I turn off the advence privacy.

and why does my weather app show a completely different location? and how do i change this? I use openwheater app

Grt Jdv

In my opinion, the “plausible location” isn’t all that plausible, hence your troubles. I just had to do a lot of legwork for my own Outlook account as a result.
I’m currently only using the tracker protection functionality so I can continue using Proton VPN and not have every online account think my identity has been stolen.

I have found the advence privacy
and turned it off

and i also have battery problems
it empties as soon as the new software is installed. I can’t go back after the previous version of e/os that was better in my eyes

Actually, you can go back to the last version.
The FP3 retains the last state of the OS exactly to do that in case of problems.
It involves doing some command line work, but if you really wanted to get back before a hotfix is issued (complaints about battery drain are amassing here), you could.

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In theory.
In practice the older OS version on the other slot might or might not like the state the data partition is in, and if not, demand a factory reset before it would boot.

Worth a try (because you can choose to not do the factory reset and simply switch back to the newer version), but not for the faint of heart.

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