Cannot add APN for cellular data (roaming)

Hi all

I just got a galaxy S7 with pre-installed /e/. Now I’m trying to set up mobile data (cellular data) with the APN settings from my provider.
I have successfully set up the APN for domestic data connections (This was not straight forward, though, because when I entered all the data at once in Settings > More > Wireless & networks > Cellular networks > Access Point Names, after saving, the entry was not there anymore, and the APN list was empty again, with the message “Access Point Name settings are not available for this user”. I had to enter it in pairs of 2 settings at a time - first name and APN, then save, then edit, add MCC and MNC, then save, then edit, then add APN type etc. to be able to add the APN).
But the same does not work when I try to add the APN for roaming data connections (same APN and all, but different MCC and MNC). I can add all settings in pairs of 2, but as soon as I enter the MCC or MNC, which are different, after saving, the entry disappears from the APN list again.

Very confusing …

I suppose I am missing something here :frowning:
Does anybody have an idea?

Best /m

Hi, thank you for your purchase and sorry for this issue.

APN configuration is sometimes problematic.

I don’t have any true solution, but if nothing works you could try to reset the APN, reset the phone, remove and add your SIM card, things like that until some magic occurs.