Cannot send mails anymore: Ratelimit "user" exceeded

since yesterday I cannot send any mail. In Thunderbird I get the message “Ratelimit “user” exceeded”.
What can I do? Murena is my mail provider and it doesn’t work anymore.
It doesn’t matter if I want to send a mail to one or more addresses. I always get this error.


The error usually shows up when many mails are sent out from a user account within a short duration of time. Were you able to send and receive emails previously using the app? Also, can you receive emails and only face this while sending?

I have passed on the feedback to the infra team, which is monitoring the servers presently to figure out why this could be happening.

For 3 days now I cannot send any mails, but I can receive mails. Before this it was no problem to send and receive mails, also once a week to around 30 recepients.

It would be great if you can help, because I need my mailaccount.

You can check the update here. The team is working on resolving this specific issue. It should be in place by the end of day today.

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I just wanted to let you know I’m experiencing the same issue: impossible to send an email since Wednesday 13th December 2023 when using the alias. Same error message when using the mail client on the phone (“Ratelimit “user” exceeded”), while sending directly from a web browser it just says “can’t send message”…
The original ID seems to still be working but I’d rather use the alias.
Let’s wait and see if the fix works today, thanks!

Thanks for the fixes. I can send mails again :slight_smile:
Unfortunately it seems that the limit for mails in one hour has been changed. Is it true? To how many recipients can I send a mail?

I need to send once a week a mail to around 50 recipients. Until last week it was possible. Now it seems impossible. (Is there a mail limit per day or week?)

As long as you do not send all the 50 in an hour, the old rate limit should still work. It has not changed.

Usually I want to send one mail with one mailadress in the “To”-field and 30 to 49 mailadresses in the “BCC-field” due to privacy reason.
This was possible until last week. Today it is not possible anymore. So I think the limit has changed. Is there a possibility to make the old limits actual again? What are the limits in mail usage?

I have not received or been able to send an email since Dec 16 10:19 pm EST… i have tried sending from other accounts to myself, nothing… cannot even send out it gets rejected… I logged in to email on Brave browser, same thing, does not send or receive… it was returned as not " logged in"…

You can send in a mail to with the account details. There could be an issue specific to your account which the infra team can look into and resolve.

i sent them a message. they were useless he wanted screen shots ??? of what?? nothing has arrived in my inbox since Saturday. I tried sending myself an email from work email address and it got returned undelivered… The mail system host[] said: 451 4.7.1
Ratelimit “to” exceeded (in reply to end of DATA command)

The team is not useless. When they ask for a screenshot, it is to check what is the error message you are getting from the system. Inform them of the error details, and then they would be able to look into it.

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The point is no error message is possible when I do not receive any emails as described already. that is what i communicated. they have NOT replied since the initial contact. super frustrating . still does not function and no one replies with a possible solution

Hello, I have similar problems with murena’s mail program.
At the moment I am working with k9 Mail, which works without any problems
Until your problem is solved, you can also test it with k9


In a DM to me Pl can you send the email ID you used to send the mail to the helpdesk. This could be an issue specific to your email. I can ask the infra team to check the issue with your ID. Pl do not share the ID on this post as this is a public forum.

Dear all,

I just wanted to inform, that the same error occurred to me. I was only able to sent the mail by reducing the number of receivers.
I normally do not send mails to large amounts of addresses, but from time to time this is necessary. Hope this will be fixed. Thanks to all people involved in finding a solution.

Keeping the number of mails being sent per hour, low, about 3 or 4, should not be an issue. Exceeding the numbers on a free account will be an issue. We have had problems with people misusing the free accounts in the past, which required us to enforce rate limits.

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@Manoj it would be nice ftom Murena to publish all the limits (a doc page, maybe ?) :pray:
This may prevent complaints!

We will be sharing the limits to the mail sending in our documentation.



I needed to send an email for a party invitation to 42 recipients and I hit the same error message. I am now unable to send any email from my account.

Can anything be done regarding this issue? This is a serious limitation for a daily use of the email.