Cant get oneplus 9 to recovery


I have a oneplus 9 since today and trying to install e/OS for hours.
I flashed the 2 image files, and recovery image , but i cant get it to recovery mode.
Not manually and not by fastboot.
When i push down volume down + turn on it goes to fastboot mode.

Any help please?

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its stuck in fastboot. can someone please help me? iv been messing around since yesterday and cant get it to work. should i start over or what do i do?

Let’s start from the beginning:

  1. Which of the four models supported by /e/ do you have: LE2110, LE2111, LE2113, LE2115. Other models are not supported.

  2. Which version of OxygenOS is installed on your OP 9?

I’ve not flashed OP9 since last year but here is a picture of the steps to flash, but obviously the last step is for a different OS version.

Make sure you do the commands right and that you are on OOS12 to begin with. C65 is a good bet.

LE2123 , forgot to mention , its the 9 pro
which version i did not check since i wanted to start flashing it instantly.
its a refurbished device which i assume got updated to latest possible before sale

Your assumption of the latest OOS version might turn out to be deceptive. It’s safer to know than to assume.

/e/OS documentation

Before following these instructions please ensure that the device is on the latest Android 12 firmware.

well i cant check since i dont know how to get out of fastboot
before i could see those orange letters saying its not safe oem unlocked , but now i get nothing else than fastboot. have no idea how to fix this , searching since yesterday for a solution

You may have to consider your options now, but it’s worth checking if you can boot back to OOS by changing slots in fastboot mode.

fastboot getvar current-slot

Let’s say it is slot_a

fastboot --set-active=b
fastboot reboot bootloader

Then start the device

followed your instructions,
i now see those orange letters again. thats a good sign no? but it wont get to os. it stays on the ‘orange state your device has been unlocked and cant be trusted. your device will boot in 5 seconds’ but it aint
or it goes back to fastboot

Is this your main device? Or can you just leave it for a while?

eOS-T, android 13 will probably be released this week with a bit of luck and you could then try flashing that. Take note that the steps will be slightly different and the eTeam don’t have a very good record of providing the latest correct install methods for this phone.

well , my main phone got broken thats why i got myself a new device so i need it now actually.
what if i just erase the things i did , those 2 images (dtbo and vendor_boot) , delete recovery from both sides and just start over? will the erase data command do the job? the problem here is that it wont get in recovery somehow. i got into recovery once but the original from oneplus , it seems that its another button combination than vol down and power. that possible?
also , does the phone need to be plugged in to get into e/os recovery?
or cant i just use twrp recovery?

I finally found a way to get the device ROM to Android 12 C.66

  1. Download an OOS FASTBOOT image
  2. Extract the downloaded compressed file.
  3. Then start with .\ flash_all.bat or .\

this?: OOS 12 - C.65 Full Rom - .\
i dont want to do anything wrong anymore
what is step 4?

I can’t do anything with that. Give me a working link!

Just saying…might not be good to flash that fastboot rom if your phone is actually on OOS13. Yhe author of that other thread had downgraded via msm before flashing that script. From memory I recall that most fastboot roms were not compatible with wishing to downgrade your OS.

I may be wrong though.

There should be a stock OOS recovery. I recall it being partly in Chinese (but this was android 12). From powered off try vol up + power. Release power at first sign of booting.

Or maybe try extracting the dtbo and vendor_boot from the eOS image you have and use those. Others have had success to boot recovery like that. Myself included.

Following @chrisrg reasoning - and if you want to install /e/OS-S dev first - follow this guide, e.g.:

Downgrade OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro from Android 13 to Android 12

After downloading the OOS firmware offered in the above-mentioned thread, the payload.bin file must first be extracted. This then makes the individual files boot.img, dtbo.img, etc… available for flashing.

Then continue with the above instructions.

it was stupid to not check which version of android is on there. i will send the seller a message to ask . i hope they can give me an answer. i guess its 13.
they came shipped with 11 i see.
i just going to take my chances.
so i make a new folder in android tools , then in terminal navigate to that folder?

ah i see how this is going , flash each file invidualy.

This is may help jog your memory as to what you have on your phone. The OOS11 and 12 pictures are of my phone (before I got rid of it) and the OOS 13 picture is from oneplus website.

the red first digit of the clock is what i remember most and sure about. but not more than that. i looked at it in a glimpse because im so disgused i have to accept google’s policies to use the phone. i guess ill go from the idea that the seller did his job to make the phone plug and play without doing updates first , so 13 it should be …
but about the OOS rom , will i do it correctly by extracting the zip into a separate folder inside android tools folder and navigate to it through adb terminal?

just to be sure , ill send a message to the seller. i dont want to brick it