Cant install recovery on lisa

Im trying to install this:, but the recovery is not working and it gets stuck on the “mi” screen, the recovery works with lineages recovery but not with /e/os recovery

The first thing to check is which Android version was your original firmware ?

I see that LineageOS-20 (Android 20 (T)) is offered for the 3 lisa variants, while /e/ offers Android (S) e-1.11-s-20230512288805-dev-lisa.

There are comments in this thread Mi 11 Lite 5G Recovery issue.


Before following these instructions please ensure that the device is on the latest Android 12 firmware.

I have V13.0.5.0.SKOMIXM firmware which is for LineageOS-19.1 (Android12L (S_V2) so i need to find firmware to android 12 (S)?

I installed the latest android 12 firmware, i still have the same issue

So that is the first thing checked.

I don’t have the device, so I can only offer pointers, so then there was this

I also made a reference to 3 variants described in, maybe worth cross checking if there are clues there for your variant, perhaps.

I already commented the same in the other thread. But maybe someone is not following both threads.

I am also trying to flash my “Lisa” After hours of trying I am able to start into Recovery Mode.
You need to use all the *.img from LOS 19. And your device must be still with Android 12! Otherwise you won’t be able to boot into Recovery mode. So far so good.

But now I got an error Message I won’t be able to fix by myself. (I guess):

After 47% of the installation process I get a Message that the Signature verification failed. If I press continue, it stops with the following error Message:
Package is for product lisa but expected lisa_global

Can someone help me out with this, please?

Best regards

Not 100% sure, but this workaround may work if you add the “lisa_global” reference as described here :

Sounds interesting. But I suppose OTA will be broken then. Because with an Update I will have to apply the same workaround again! In my opinion this should be fixed officially!

btw. I was able to install LOS yesterday. So it should be possible to fix this officially.

I have the Model 2109119DG. And according to the Link you sent me it’s the “Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE”
Also in the Documentation of the e/os this model is listed:

Models Supported

** 2109119DG*
** 2109119DI*
** 2107119DC*

Other models are not supported

Is it something about Chinese Version vs. Global Version of the installed Stock ROM? I know that XIAOMI has different ROM’s. Maybe it would help if I flash the Chinese Stock ROM?

Best regards

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