Can't use apps at all

I just installed /e/ 0.7 on my cubot note S (as posted here : ) which is supposed to work fully (I know, it’s not officially supported here)

install went well, I get phone/camera/email, but then I click apps and all I get is “something went wrong. retry later”. for 2 hours, no menu, no app listing or anything, just that error message each time I click apps. Is there something obvious (or obscure, whatever) I missed ?

Yes I have the same issue, it worked before so it’s just an issue on the server side.

Use Aurora Store instead for instance :

But you can still use the /e/ Apps Store, the search option works.

Apps is « in développement » not yet «fully» stable
some days working some days not.

Try F-Droid !..

thanks, happy to know it’s not a problem specific to my phone :slight_smile:
will try those alternatives then :slight_smile:

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