Checking e/OS for Moto G5 XT1687 codename: potter

Hi. I wanted to double check that my device is NOT supported.

I have a Moto G5 Plus, model XT1687, codename: potter.

It’s not listed under any of the other Motorola devices listed.

I ask only because I had previously installed e/OS on a Sony Xperia and the was some confusion about the model name. I decided to install e/OS from a similar model Xperia and it totally worked.

So I thought I would double check to see if any of the other downloads were known to work with my device.

Thank you,


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The lasted version I could find at least for LineageOS is Android 10 (Q):

There is no /e/OS version available and as there are no sources given for this device it cannot be build for /e/OS

used the xda username + “github” from that thread to land at repos. There are a few duplicates, though recently updated were:

the potter SoC (qualcomm 625) is also used in moto deen [UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Motorola One XT1941-4 "deen" for e/OS 1.17 q - motorola has its kernels up in an official repo where people fork from. Probably would go with

The riyanahmed65 sources are for ArrowOS not for LineageOS. Please always look at the branch info.
Nonetheless I did now search again in Github and found something:

Might give a try later to build…

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Idk, but maybe this is the “official” repo for Motorola’s published kernel sources?

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I find now sources and could build for /e/OS-R. Please provide feedback if ROM works.


Moto G5 Plus (Potter)



Says Zip file is corrupt. I installed from TWRP not the /e/OS recovery,

Thx, i was able to install this build without any problems. :+1:

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I can confirm that both recovery and ROM work for XT1685 version of Moto G5 Plus.


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Upon further investigation I found that even though I was able to toggle the OEM Unlocking to ON the device was locked to T-Mobile and they want $26 to release it. I’ll check back after I make the payment.