Degoogled protect against trackers in apps

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I just got my Gigaset GS290 with eOS, and of course as a non-tech person there are a lot of questions in the beginning. That’s also why I have ordered the pre-installed phone. I have chosen eOS as it seems to be the most far developed and user-friendly system if one would not like to have iOS or google’s spy phones. Still I am also waiting for a Librem5 with PureOS. Well, that one might never happen. Have been waiting a long time now.
Anyway as I coudl read eOS is degoogled and is using a fake server to be able to use google services without they being able to spy or track me. There are probably already many that have asked, and in this forum I could not find a clear answer to my following question …at least not so that I could understand… Through the pre-installed app store I can get access to a lot of apps (which I think f-droid is included?), so if I for example would like to install Google Maps (crazy I know, but it is just a hypothetical question) which has a rating of 8/10 regarding the privacy, and the google app includes a google analysis tracker, so… is google spying on me here, or can they not, due to the fake google server the eOS-phone is working with?
I presume if the trackers are non-google/from othere services I could be tracked, of course, so the best would be to chose an app with 10/10 beside the other aspect of access rights of apps to the phone.
Maybe someone could answer my question in an non-tech way? :wink: Thanks in advance.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

Due to fake store, Installed apps are thinking they come from Gogol play store

Due to microG fake services, Installed apps are thinking they are installed on a stock Gogol android system device with Gogol play services installed (except some as bank apps, that need “MagiskHide” to mask the custom OS)

Gogol maps is a bad example as some mainsteam apps, it won’t work due to lack of real Gogol play services locally installed.

/e/ prevent you against OS system native and default apps’s data leaks to gogol servers.
/e/ don’t prevent against trackers inside apps installed by you !

“Blocada” OR “TrackerControl” from “F-Droid” can do that …

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Thank You for Your Swift answer. That clarified it for me. Thanks again. In first place I will choose apps with high ranking but I will also have a look into the “Blocada” and “Tracker control”.

Is F-droid’s app store included in the default app store of /e/? I have also read that there is another app store named Aurora for Google play store Apps . Is this an additional app store or is/are F-droid/Aurora nowerday already included in the default app store?

Both Aurora Store and F-Droid are available from /e/'s Apps store. F-Droid includes only FOSS apps. Aurora Store provides anonymous access to Gogle’s Play Store, for installing apps that are not available in F-Droid. I always try F-Droid first, then Aurora Store if the app I want is not in F-Droid

Great, thank You for Your excellent explanation. I will do so. Great community here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I hope more people would be aware eOS and alternative OSes to avoid all spy-phones.

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Thank You for the links. Have started learning :relaxed: