[Device Roadmap] Android 9 (Pie) & 10 (Q) : The plan

Yes there is a plan to upgrade the S7 and S7 Edge (on Oreo then Pie later). I would say in the next months.


Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact (lilac)
An unofficial LOS 17.1 build exists and seems to be working OK.
Is there any chance of seeing a working build of /e/ - official or unofficial?

Yes that’s the plan, be able to fulfill every device request in less than 3 days (when working sources are available) before the end of the year. And since this device has a good number of request, it will be done before the others.
And the plan is also to update every unofficial build at least once every 3 months and have them on the latest android version possible.


:clap: :clap: :raised_hands: :raised_hands: @Anonyme but this is a really great initiative !


Hi @Manoj,

Thanks to you and others in the /e/ team for putting this list together.

Although this is much clearer I still find it a little confusing. E.g. Moto G 2015 (osprey) is currently on Nougat and is in the list above to be upgraded, but to what? And when will that version stop being supported?

It would be very helpful if you could give a list of devices, their current planned highest version and forecast end-of-support date (give a date please, not a quarter). E.g. You could write:

Vendor Model Codename Planned version Forecast End-of-Support
Motorola Moto G 2015 osprey Oreo? 31/12/21?

Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:

It will be upgraded to Android 10 because it’s officially supported by LineageOS.

If there is no issue and the Android 10 version works fine, it should be supported for a long time (2 years or more maybe ? But I can’t be sure). Or until nobody download it.
Anyway unofficial builds will always be possible.

In that case I’ll start looking on Ebay. My Z5 Compact is a great phone, but for some reason nobody has been able to get it working in LOS 16 or 17. The unofficial 17.1 build on XDA - and all the other ROMs there - has problems with the camera so it looks like being stuck on Nougat for the foreseeable future.

When you said the Z3 Compact would be supported in the longer term, I managed to pick one up on Ebay, but the design and build quality are (in my humble opinion :slight_smile:) much less good than the Z5C. The XZ1 Compact looks to be at least as good as the Z5C, and if it’s going to get Pie and Android 10 builds from /e/ then it may be the future for me :slight_smile:

Seems like you’re interested in small phones, there are more of us, there is even even a dedicated topic about it on this forum! I’m disappointed too that there are no official LOS versions of the small Sony phones…

I don’t consider them small - they are ‘correctly sized’. It’s just that most phones have become ridiculously large :slight_smile:


Haha yeah I agree. Check out this thread:

I posted there back in June

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alright cool. I still think the iphone SE is about the perfect size for a smartphone.

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Cant agree with you more on the small screen vs big screen argument. The 4 -4.5 in screens were what you can use and manipulate easily with one hand. Was checking the newer models recently and most of them are 6in + That would be like carrying a laptop in your pocket.


@manoj if /e/ is still thinking about collaborations with phone manufacturers on new phones with /e/, perhaps this could be a good niche market for /e/ to provide a unique phone for!

There are some active discussions going on with a Europe based manufacturer. Lets see how it works out. I also agree we should push for small or medium screen devices. Guess manufacturers look at trends set by major players in the market who all like the big screen variants.


To add to this, I just walked by a Samsung store, the very smallest they had was 5.9 inch!

Yes, it was a long long long time ago, when we could find some good 4.5 phones, like S5 Mini, Z3 Compact, etc

If Apple keeps on selling “little” smartphones like iPhone SE and iPhone SE 2020, there must be a (little) place for compact smartphones.

And I wrote “little” twice in a sentence… :frowning:

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Is there anywhere a statistic similar to https://www.lineageoslog.com/statistics?

Might be helpful to decide what phone to buy next.

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Will check if it can be enabled for all. Most of the devices in the ‘To be discontinued’ list almost zero downloads over months.

Does the “download” statistic includes when we do the OTA?
If yes, at some point this statistic may guide you to the wrong way, let’s take the Nexus 5 which didn’t receive any update since March. So no download since then. However if you guise can see the ping which actually checks the availability of a new update on the server, maybe this is a more accurate statistic to see how popular is the device.