Disappearing contacts on version 1.12.3 when using Signal app

I recently purchased the Fairphone 4 in the US with /e/OS installed. I have an issue with the Signal app I believe, the contacts on my phone keep disappearing. They are replaced by few in signal that I have which match phone numbers in my phone. It has happened 3 times in the last 2 days. I just now disabled the permission for the Signal app to access Contacts, but that’s not a great solution. I don’t think this is a common issue with Signal app on Android, so I’m guessing there’s perhaps some bug in /e/OS that’s occurring here. I saw this was reported by another user but don’t see any resolution. Any help would be appreciated.

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never ran into this with Signal and one cloud synced Addressbook - but you’re right, there are other reports:

What is the default addressbook for new contacts (see Screenshot in issue no.3) ? is it the internal AB or a cloud synced AB? and which ones are allowed to be shown in the Contacts app?

Hi tcecyk,

Thanks for your help. Contacts to display is set to “All contacts.” Not sure why I show 2 device entries here. It may be because I’ve run the sync process using a third party app a few times now. I did see in the Accounts section for Signal that sync contacts was on. I switched it to off for now and that may be a good longer term solution for me. I get the feeling Signal is making a sync API call and instead of doing a merge type operation the phone is doing a replace.

while I’d be nice to get to the bottom of it - good idea is probably emptying and removing the 2 device internal addressbooks and only make the synced murena the default/primary. Create a good .vcf backup that has all your contacts just in case before going ahead.

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