Do any /e/ smart phones support VoLTE?

Hi! When browsing refurbished /e/ phones, I see that the Samsung Galaxy phones specifically list they do not support VoLTE yet. Are there any /e/ phones that do support VoLTE? I’m looking to use a carrier that requires VoLTE, and want to know if there are on /e/ phones that officially support VoLTE yet.

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Greetings @tjabs and welcome.

The last update from devs is that VoLTE will be supported in v0.17. If you’re in the U.S., the Samsung S9 paired with AT&T via the RedPocket Mobile MVNO works most excellently without VoLTE - I know this first hand! :sunglasses: There are others in the forum that have had success with T-Mobile as well. A search of the forum will reveal specifics of the different solutions employed.

There are many valid reasons why someone would not choose an /e/OS device- don’t let lack of VoLTE be the primary determinant! :smiley:

As you go through that process, let us know how you choose to proceed and good luck.

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The Fairphone 3 and 3+ support it, if your carrier and mobile network plan support it.
Mind that these are phones mainly for use in Europe.

I just read the OnePlus 6T is VOLTE capable. But you have to edit the config files. It should be difficult… famous last words…

My phone (eSolutions Galaxy S9+) is running 0.17 but unless I’m mistaken I don’t believe it is VoLTE capable at the moment. Am I missing something? I’m running into an issue that VoLTE could potentially solve.

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My Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact (lilac) running a custom /e/ build supports VoLTE and WiFi Calling. Pretty sure that the unofficial /e/ build (latest is v0.17, v0.18 coming soon) supports them too.

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I’m using @petefoth’s build on the XZ1 Compact in the U.S. on an AT&T MVNO, and it does not have VoLTE or VoWiFi, probably because AT&T hasn’t whitelisted many older, carrier-unlocked devices.

However, when I insert a T-mobile SIM (unfortunately expired), I see that the setting to enable VoLTE then appears in the network settings, so I’m pretty sure VoLTE will work with T-mobile and T-mobile MVNOs. I plan to port away from AT&T in the next few months, so I’ll find out for sure. (AT&T will be retiring its 3G network in 2022, according to reports, meaning the XZ1C won’t work on AT&T’s network after that happens.)

List of approved devices (a PDF from AT&T’s website):

Can confirm that when using a Mint Mobile SIM card, VoLTE and WiFi Calls/Texts are functional on both the OnePlus 6T and Moto G7 Plus (REVVLRY).

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@HellsBells can you confirm you are running Q 0.17 on both phones?

Sure can.
Purchased the G7+ preloaded and did the 6T myself. With some help.

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I’ve put your devices with carrier here for others who are looking to follow what you’ve done. :+1: @HellsBells

I have a Moto G7 Plus (river) flashed with /e/ 0.22-20220225166118 and I cannot make calls now that AT&T has turned down 3G. I have a VoLTE option in the mobile carrier settings and the Phone information in Testing (##4636##) says VoLTE is provisioned but whenever I attempt to make a call I get an instant “Call Ended”, hangup.

I’m wondering if I need an OEM modem update to make it work.

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If you’re sure that your model number is on AT&T’s approved list of devices, you should probably just contact AT&T (or your MVNO, if applicable) customer support. Maybe they can do something on their end.

Also, be aware of this: AT&T’s 3G Shutdown Appears To Be Causing Unintended Outages - BestMVNO

I’ve been on the phone with Redpocket several times for hours at a time and they aren’t able to fix this apparently.

“Outdated phone firmware” is where I am focused now. Was there an OTA update to the modem firmware on this phone that was missed because I had /e/ installed? or is the latest /e/ have the latest modem firmware for VoLTE (HD Voice) and I just need to wait for AT&T to fix it.

I can’t make calls, receive calls, retrieve voicemail until then. GRRRRR

Given that many other Android users seem to be experiencing similar problems with Red Pocket and AT&T since February 22nd, I tend to think it’s not a problem with the phone (although I’m no expert).

Some suggestions that may or may not help:

  1. If you have a SIM (active or expired) from a different MVNO available, delete the Red Pocket APN, shut down, insert the different SIM, power up, let the phone find the relevant APN. Then shut down, replace your Red Pocket SIM, power up, let the phone find the Red Pocket APN and provision itself. Then see if everything’s working.

  2. Switch to a different MVNO on AT&T’s network. See if it works.

  3. Get Red Pocket to switch you to their GSMT (T-mobile) network. You’ll need to pick up a new GSMT SIM. This assumes you have good T-mobile coverage and that your phone model passes T-mobile’s IMEI checker, of course.

@Taurus Thanks for that advice.

The RedPocket APN is another weird thing. While on the phone with the RP CSR she did a reprovisioning twice. Both times, removed the SIM, powered the phone off, waited 3 minutes, inserted the SIM, powered the phone up, and both times the APN that was added was named “PRODATA” and the CSR had me change it back to ERESELLER per their standard. Related? Maybe/maybe not. They clearly aren’t sure what the issue is.

I went to WalMart yesterday to buy a prepaid AT&T SIM for exactly that test but they were out. I’ll try again.

I don’t believe using a T-Mobile SIM is a valid test. Their 3G isn’t being shut down until July.

Can anybody confirm they are able to make calls on AT&T (or an AT&T MVNO) with /e/ Android 10?

It would demonstrate that VoLTE does in fact work on your phone, assuming it passes T-mobile’s IMEI checker. But agreed, a different AT&T network would further narrow down the source of the problem: RP or AT&T itself.

Here are more AT&T MVNOs:

@Taurus If I were to put a T-Mobile SIM in the phone, how can I know that VoLTE is in use? Having it enabled doesn’t ensure it’s in use, and that’s no different than how my phone appears on RedPocket now.

P.S. I was on T-Mobile with this phone back in October so I know it worked then.

If your phone doesn’t drop to 3G (H, H+) during a call, but instead stays on 4G/LTE, then you know VoLTE is in use.

But if you’ve already confirmed that on T-mobile before, no need to do it again.