Does the Mi 8 inage also work for the mi 8 PRO?


I had an old Note 4 which I upgraded with the lovely e-system to test it.
… I love it.

My actual phone is the Mi 9SE which unfortunately is not supported yet plus my wife needs a new phone so I am looking into the Mi8 which is supported.
As a requirement of my wife is good photo quality I stumbled over the Mi8 PRO.
Now … can I use the Mi8 Image to flash the MI8Pro, and will it work ?

Thank you very much

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Hello, don’t flash a ROM build for a specific codename on a device with another codename. It won’t work and could damage the phone.

Thank you very much, so I stick to the Mi8 then.

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but eOS GSI should work in MI8Pro

That means with the 9SE as well, right?

I never looked into this GSI theme … do you have a quality link to the GSI topic?

Thank you

Here is a section for GSI

and here a small HowTo [HOWTO] install eOS GSI on a Treble device - new GSI added June 14th

All device which are delivered from factory with Android 8 and above should be GSI supported devices

Great, thank you very much.