/e/ App Store is here!

:smiley::gift: It’s here! We have introduced the first /e/ app store (beta) application in /e/OS! You can update now and look for your preferred applications. You will be able to learn about perms and trackers for each application.
We will improve this, add some progressive web apps (PWAs) over the time, along with other great features!
Remember: it is very important to contribute if you want to support the continued development of /e/OS and help the project succeed and shape a more ethical IT world, with an open-source and privacy-compliant mobile ecosystem.

Act now!

Gaël - @gael_duval / @gael@mastodon.social


I just supported at the 99 Euro level but did not see any place along the way to note my existing email account as a note. I did list my /e/ email in the purchase area. Hope it all works out. Thanks for all you do.

Hello, i like the app store, but why are there still a lot apps missing? In this topic feedback is asked, but some apps mentioned there are not in app store?? I can’t find Dutch banking apps for example.

Hello, same as what andrelam said, banking app is not in yet, but I have to say, design is super nice! Well done! So excited to get rid of the other appstores now

I love the way the appstore works. Some missing:

  • tado
  • ticketmaster NL app
  • no dutch banking apps (as @andrelam mentioned)
  • berichtenbox (dutch message app from the goverment)
    But impressive work!! as said i love it!

Great work! Even is in the first steps is a great achievement. With time it’ll be better.


Great start. Needs dark mode and filters for privacy level, energy, licence, etc.

I love white, I don’t Ned Stark :smiley:

Does not work from the beginning! Leeco Le2, region of Russia!

insists wanting to update yatse to 9.1.5 even though i have 9.1.7 installed…

In France it’s work perfectly with LeEco L2

The Main problem is that we can’t login in a lot of apps : yuka, dating apps…

I know it’s because of the lack of Google Play Services even with MicroG

It’s frustrating to be able to download an app on /e/ store (or Aurora etc) without being able to use this app

How /e/ app store is getting its applications, directly downloaded from Google Play ?

How to contact app developpers?

Hi @Superman the apps are being downloaded from Google Play & FDroid. All threads on the AppStore are monitored by the app developers. So any suggestions / feedback here will get a response or is noted for future development.

I cannot find out what kind of analytics ‘Berichtenbox’ uses. Do you know it? It’s not mentioned in their privacy terms. If they use Google Analytics I will not engage.

doesn’t work for me. other app stores, aurora, fdroid ,always work!

Can you be a little more precise please ? What’s your device, your version of /e/, when does the issue appear, etc ?

As already mentioned above, leeco le 2, does not work on all versions from the beginning of the appearance of apps

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Oh yes sorry. For the same device TheMajorTom said it works in France, maybe your location causes the issue (did you try with a VPN ?). I’m not an expert so maybe it’s all nonsense.

I guess you should report it with some logs if it doesn’t work.

I will try with vpn, thanks for the advice! But other “e” services work well!