/e/ app store summarizing (issues, suggestions, questions)

This thread purpose is to summarize issues, feature suggestions and questions.

I’ll update this first post with feedbacks/questions/issues in comments (@nihar1024 keep an eye on it :smile:)

For any app suggestion, check this thread
For unstable apps, take a look there

/e/ app store feedbacks

To fix:

  • Search function crashes sometimes
  • Store try to downgrade some apps (example : Yatse from 9.1.7 to 9.1.5)
  • “Updates” don’t find installed apps
  • app downloading stuck stuck at 0%. Blockada is guilty :slight_smile:
  • app store settings are not stored when /e/ is upgraded


  • Black/dark theme/mode
  • filters on searching/browsing (language, privacy level, energy, licence, contains ads, GSF dependant, etc.)
  • ratings, number of downloads
  • sort rating (privacy level, energy, etc.)
  • privacy rating should be more reliable (Google Chrome (5.0) better than Firefox (3.0) ??)
  • searching engine more smart (‘fdroid’ returns nothing, despite f-droid exists)
  • Permissions/Trackers count on app main screen (ex: permissions (7) >)
  • Add a ‘developper/company/website’ link, to click on returns all apps from it.
  • Add ‘uninstall’ button near ‘Open’
  • Menu ‘installed applications’
  • /e/ app store could update itself (instead of being updated with whole system…!)


  • How to use a paid application?

Contact developper, maybe they accept a paypal payment and will provide an APK*

  • How /e/ app store ensure that it’s providing apps latest versions ?

Currently it is roughly one day behind the FDroid and Google Play versions. Will improve on this time lag

  • If I installed an app with another store, will /e/ app store try to update it ?

Anybody knows ?

  • From where current apps come from, F-Droid? Yalp? Aptoide? Google Play?

The apps are being downloaded from Google Play & FDroid. All threads on the AppStore are monitored by the app developers.

  • My apps will be restored when syncing my /e/ account ?

yes. Just tested. in Motorola Moto G 2014 (titan).

  • My apps will be restored when syncing my /e/ account ?

oh, yes. Just tested. in Motorola Moto G 2014 (titan).

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Will do, thank you! :smile:

2 more:

  • Suggestion: Make privacy and Open Source apps more visible on the App Store’s home screen.
  • To fix (just discovered now): App-Store-Settings are not stored when upgrading to a new built

You did it after a fresh install or an upgrade ?

I would assume like anything, as long as you don’t wipe data, settings for any app should stick.
Does the App Store save its settings in ecloud? If yes then settings would be / should be synced back on a fresh install. If not then of course nothing would be there on a fresh install.

@Superman: Both cases. I upgrade the ROM using the OTA service and after that gotta reinstall my device 'cause it failed several hours later (my mistake)

Btw. I am wondering if it is (tecnically) possible to inform users about if an app includes advertisement? Would be great to have that info prior to installing it.

Yes, I have raised it (kind of) :slight_smile:

Yes, i’ve seen that. Thanx. Probably it would be nice to have that info added to the bottom section of an app in the AppStore as well.

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Sounds like repellant :yum:
Almost everybody uses a few apps with trackers and ads. You will maybe answer me “This would be deactivable in settings”, and I would answer “Everybody will deactivate it, so I think it’s a waste of time for the dev team”.

But of course a little documentation need to be here in order to inform. I’m working on it.

This solution sounds easier and more likeable :wink:

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Great list, i’d only like to chime in that out of all of those, a “sort by” option is the only thing I really have been missing

It seems that DNSFilter get the same issue reported with Blokada.
I couldn’t download any app from the store, until I shutdown DNSFilter.
I’m dealing with a /e/ refurbished up to date S7. :smile:
Hope this helps !

But it doesn’t go on.
The download was going on until, the unstall procedure. Then it stucked.
Trying to see if it happen only with App Store / DNSFilter, I tried to unstall somme app from Yalp.
I got an error message :
Token dispenser returned an auth error for http://token.dispenser.duckdns.org:8080/token-ac2dm/email/yalp.store.user.six%40gmail.com

Is it understandable for someone?