E cloud and photo syncing

Hi I have been having problems with photos syncronizing with e cloud. They were syncronizing just fine until a couple weeks ago when I manually added photos from my digital camera to my e cloud from my pc. Ever since then none of my photos taken with my phone will sync with the cloud.

Does anyone know how to correct?

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Update, I found this instruction:

I am going to try this out first.

Update #2

I set up nextcloud per the instructions I shared. Thanks much to the author for well written instructions.

I still ran into some trouble. When I set up auto upload, it created a folder called “instantupload” and syncronized the local “pictures” folder to that folder along with the other folders I set to auto upload.

The original “pictures” folder that was syncronizing with the local “pictures” folder until I added pictures to it manually was still there but still was not syncronizing.

I am not sure but my conclusion is that when I manually added photos to the the “pictures” folder in my e cloude from my pc, it somehow broke the link between it and the local “pictures” folder on my phone. The nextcloud seems to have made a new “pictures” folder under the “instantupload” folder that is now synced. I deleted the original “pictures” folder using the nextcloud app and I think I am all set now. We shall see.

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I have one question for other nextcloud users. Is there a way to syncronize deletion of files/photos? It seems that while new photos that I take are again being pushed to the cloud, if I delete a photo, it appears that it remains on the cloud and vice versa. I have to delete in both places to completely remove. Is this normal?

So I ran into a problem. The pictures folder began synchronizing again. And so I began getting duplicates of everything because nextcloud would synchronize to the “instant upload” folder and then e would synchronize to the original “pictures” folder. I would have the same photos in 2 places. I am thinking there are 3 possible solutions.

  1. Turn off synchronization completely and manually back up the photos I want to keep.
  2. Turn off photo/video synchronization under my /e/ account and only sync with nextcloud
  3. Sync with /e/ account and forego the nextcloud app making sure not to manually upload anything to the “pictures” folder on the cloud so as not to trip up the syncing.

I don’t know. I am curious what other users do.

I did have a very similar experience to you ! I made this observation a while ago. Pictures synchronization issue in eDrive - #39 by aibd

Of course the sync process is a work in progress, so individuals syncing now will experience a pattern or errors different from some no so old reports.

In hindsight, I knew I backed up the things I “needed”, but if I had had a more robust backup earlier on, it would have been a good idea to delete my eCloud account at the point I thought I actually knew what was wrong and before I added a second device !