/e/ merchandise-store and designs

A little while back I have started a thread asking if and when there would be /e/ merchandise available and/or a store online. Despite positive feedback by the community there was no official reaction by the Devs. 3 months ago I directly contacted the Admins offering my help in setting up such a store. After an initial answer the thread went silent, and has remained that way ever since despite a repeated request sent by me 20 days ago. Neither has my initiative been approved of nor rejected, it has just been ignored. I might add, that either reaction would have been fine by me considering the amount of work that the Devs have on their To-Do lists. Instead I was just left hanging.

3 months ago, I experimented in reproducing the existing slogans and logos using Gimp in with the intend of using them as designs in such a store. It was easier than I expected, and considering that they have no use in a non existing merch-store, I want to make them available to the community here.

To produce the slogans I used the fond “Bahnschrift light”.
To reproduce the e-Logo I used the fond “Rails-display-solid”. The e-logo is an inverted capital G of that fond.

If you produce slogans etc. yourself please share them here so they can be used by everyone.


I have just sat down, and created a few more stickers.

The folder now contains the following files:


“I support /e/” b/w
“ask me about /e/” b/w
“my data is MY DATA” b/w
“privacy is no privil /e/ ge!” b/w
“Wow, you’re still using android? I gr /e/ w up long ago!” b/w as well as with a colorful “gr /e/ w”


The link to the website, b/w
The /e/ logo in colorful/b/w
Two different versions of a " 6-/e/" logo, consisting of the 6 logo-colors.

I would be very happy to get some feedback. If you got some Ideas yourself please share them with the community, or tell me about it.

Greetings Carl

Un support de communication qui a le vent en poupe, c’est le déguisement anti-covid…

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Great idea,
I’ve just added the slogan “My mask protects my health, and my phone my privacy”

Interesting, But as i understood, my mask protect your health, and your mask protect my health

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Well “my mask protects your health, and my phone my privacy” doesn’t has that ring to it.


Hi Carl,
thanks for your thread related to this topic. I´m really surprised that there is no store available yet, I have the impression that it is on someones list but with a very low priority.
I can see that especially for clothing it is quite difficult to handle (ethics, eco and other aspects) but other projects are also offering this kind of products and the merchandise stuff provide visibility.
Just to be clear, I would love to order some stuff too.
Meanwhile I will use one of your logos to set up my first /e/-hoodie :slight_smile:

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Great! It would be great, if we could see the results once they are finished! :wink:

Sure. It will look like this:
Cost: Approx. 35€


I’m definitely in favor of helping /e/ this way. But as concerns the donation site, I find there is a mismatch between

  • what you get when donating : for instance, €99 gives you an extra 20Gb storage on your account
  • what you get when just ‘increasing my storage’ on the ecloud web interface : there, one gets 256Gb for 80€ (and 20Gb for just 20€)

I fully understand one may want to donate without counterpart, but this to me somehow means the donation site wasn’t updated recently.

My personal way to help /e/ is the following :

  • buy an /e/-preloaded phone; they are a bit costlier than just buying the naked phone and installing /e/ oneself. So, it’s both easier and helping /e/ -the drawback being not everybody needs replacing a phone
  • increase one’s ecloud storage. Even uselessly if need be :wink:

Oh, one last thing : I would be terribly interested to add a couple of applications* to the e.ecloud nextcloud instance, which at this moment is not possible. A donation option that would open this would be extremely interesting to me -just sayin’ :wink:

(*) Nothing terrible, but for instance replacing the baseline Notes app, that fails syncing, with one that succeeds, like Carnet ( Carnet proposes a Nextcloud app, tested on another nextcloud instance, which syncs perfectly, even including links to pictures etc.)