What about /e/ merchandise?

Hi there,

i’ve been wondering if i could buy any Merch e.g. t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, stickers etc. online. I know that i could get some of these by donating to the foundation, but as i understand the gifts you recieve are a one time thing and donating 256€ is a lot of money that I can’t affort.

I’ve been asked about the /e/-stickers that I have on my phone several times by now and I figured that wearing shirts etc. would increase the puplicity that the project gets. This has worked for several other companies like Ecosia whose Products serve as advertisement for the company AND look good doing so while earning the company some extra bucks!

It wouldn’t be that much work, as the stock images exist already and creating a few designs is quite easy using websites like Spreadshirt or CafePress. I would help out if needed. I’ve got a lot of freetime now anyway :wink:

I would buy the products!



I would buy the products!” Me too!

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If its european made merch I would buy 100% even if it was a little more premium priced than bangladesh/china stuff/tee’s etc, support european business, especially in the coming tough times!


Oh man, I forgot about the stickers. When I donated way back when I got a T-shirt and stickers. Now I gotta rummage through all my junk and find those things. Plaster them all over my phone. :grin:

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Europe is not the same as Europe. Especially in Eastern Europe (e.g. Bulgaria, Romania) there are similarly poor working conditions and earning opportunities as in the regions you mentioned.

For ECorp SAS, a simplified joint stock company, the partner of e.Foundation, a production á la Made in France should be feasible.

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Bump! I, too, would love to be able to buy some stickers / hoodie!


I’d be interested, but only if it’s ethically sourced, tho…