/e/ os after Ubuntu Touch

I had for few weeks Ubuntu Touch on my Redmi Note 7. Few days ago I got back to /e/ os, however I still have UT on my logo screen. Do you think I should worry about correctness of /e/ os working? Or is it better / safer to reinstall /e/ ?

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


I just did the same 3 weeks ago (swap my Redmi Note 7 from Ubuntu Touch to /e/)
I did pick the latest 0.18-R beta build. Normally the 0.19-R should be released soon.

I could easily change the splash screen (first screen at boot) with the standard “Redmi Note 7 unlocked” logo.

What language do you speak? I can PM you the file and the instructions (in french). If you don’t speak french I can translate the steps in English.

I’m waiting for your feedback :wink:


No. The so-called splash screen can be changed independently … redmi note 7 splash screen at DuckDuckGo

I speak English, Polish and Russian :grin:

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So as the system works correctly so far, the logo screen is the last leftover let’s say?
Is the installation deleting previous system while installing /e/ ?


The system, yes. The splash screen, apparently not. It’s not in the /e/OS install files for the Redmi Note 7.

that’s clear enough for me :grin: thank you for advice :heart:

Ok, Hi Ana,

Unfortunately I’m not able to send you the file (Google security blocks).

But you will find the files on Internet.

Then: fastboot flash splash YOURFILE.img

Cheers, Steve

ok, thank you anyway :grin:

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@Ana.117 @stanwood would be interesting to hear your thoughts on /e/ compared to ubuntu touch :slight_smile:

A safe advice coming from Ubuntu Touch (whitch is not android based i beleve), could be flash back to stock firmware first before installing /e/

No I didn’t flash the stock ROM before. I flashed my Redmi Note 7 directly from Ubuntu Touch to /e/ following the installation tutorial. I did not encounter any problems.
Note that I only speak about my pure personal experience.

I love both, although they are 2 totally different operating systems. Both allow you to free yourself from Google services.

/e/ is a degoogled AOSP ROM based on LineageOS for MicroG with reworked graphics and additional services.

Ubuntu Touch is a fully GNU/Linux smartphone OS based on Ubuntu. It is unique in its kind. However, Android applications cannot theoretically be installed, although this is changing thanks to the WayDroid project (www.waydro.id).
For more information on Ubuntu Touch, you can visit the UBports Foundation website (www.ubports.com).
By the way, I still use an LG Nexus 5 with Ubuntu Touch as a secondary device.

I switched to /e/ because Bluetooth is poorly implemented on the Redmi Note 7 under Ubuntu Touch, and I need it for my business trips in my car.
/e/ allows me to continue to use an opensource operating system maintained by a community of enthusiasts while staying away from data harvesting.
It is also a very nice project in my opinion.



It’s good to know there are other g-free* mobile projects in case one day g put a stop to microg, or just make things so difficult that /e/ is no longer viable there will be alternatives to turn to.

I just bought two new GS290s to loan to people locally so they can experience /e/ and see if they would like it before they go any further. I noticed one of ubuntu touch’s main devices is also the GS290 (although called ‘volla phone’ i think). So I will defo try out ubuntu touch to know what kind of fall-back phone it might be :slight_smile:

I have quite similar experience with Ubuntu Touch, however slightly different reasons for switching to /e/. Ubuntu Touch is a very nice system which is developed quite fastly, when I installed it for the first time last Christmas I was in a nice shock finding out that it actually can call and text SMSes. From that time showed up bluetooth (not the best but at first was nothing), for MMS messages data (internet) must be turned on instantly and no battery save mode is available. Telegram and Signal (Axolotl) communicators work there and photos are great, but no video making possible yet. Reading QR codes works perfectly as well :grin:
What I missed there is the Anki app for flashcards, possibility to make a copy of text messages (SMS) without Terminal and less battery draining (on /e/ I can turn off mobile data and MMSes come anyway and battery saving mode is possible) so phone works 3 days instead of 2 days when being on 3G/2G network. For my personal use /e/ is more suited and microG I can turn off. DNS in /e/ is better that in LineageOS (Google with no possibility to change).
Both system are great choice for abandoning Google and Facebook harvesting data. The question is, which is better for specific user and what device do you have. From what Ubuntu Touch website says the Volla Phones are the best functional.


Indeed, I confirm that the Vollaphone works very well under Ubuntu Touch (my wife uses it daily). However it has a modified firmware. This means that the Gigaset GS290 theoretically cannot support Ubuntu Touch, at least not with the official UBports installer. But here we go out of the subject… So you can also find me on the UBports forum if you want to continue this discussion.

Regarding MicroG, I don’t think Google is blocking access, as Google teams need to continue working on the Android base which remains OpenSource, allowing them to include a large community in its development.
I doubt that /e/ and LineageOS for MicroG will become fierce competition for them.

On the other hand, I think manufacturers will make it increasingly difficult to unlock the bootloader. The main challenge to the success of the various AOSP ROMs will be to help users get around this issue.

Fortunately, /e/ offers smartphones for sale pre-installed, which is a unique advantage for the average user :wink:

Is someone have sources to confirm a relationship / partnership between Canonical (Ubuntu’s owner) and Amazon Cloud ?

OK, to be honest I now regret installing stock rom, I do not have data on which this phone got rid lock on the bootloader :cry: I believe that I do not have phone number on which I unlocked it and now I got stuck on the system loading :disappointed:

Off topic, so sorry; but Wow!

I do not think very many Google paid employees are working on Open Source. They are busy working on the hidden bits to allow manufacturers to exploit Android (rather than go to the trouble of working it all out from first principles).

My experience of Xiaomi is that /e/ does not include an “unlocked” splash screen, so if Ubuntu put one on, that is a small matter. Once it was suggested that /e/ incorporate their own, but to confirm @AnotherElk it is not done currently.