Device types roadmap

hello all,
over the past months i saw a few interesting suggestions and plans for device types come by, ie device types on which /e/ could be installed and could be useful. I thought it would be nice to collate these in a post, for the future roadmap:

  • phones: clearly…
  • tablets: /e/ will also be available on tablets! /e/ builds on tablets anyone ?!
  • laptops: an /e/ version for arm-based laptops is being developed as well /e/OS on laptops, PinePhone
  • desktops: i guess if it’s possible for laptops, it should be possible for desktops as well!
  • single board computers (eg Raspberry Pi) have been proposed as an option Raspberry Pi single-board computer
  • smart TVs, the option for which is also eluded to here Raspberry Pi single-board computer
  • smart watches: possibilities for /e/ being used on these are discussed here /e/ on smartwatches?
  • e-readers: what actually made me think of posting this post, is that i discovered Android is the base OS for several e-readers. My e-reader offers the ability to login to Pocket for reading articles that i’ve saved, but not other software options for that (like the open source Wallabag This /e/ os for e-readers could make this platform more open (and privacy-safe) as well, by eg offering linking to Wallabag.

My real reason for posting this post: can you think of any other applications / device types for /e/…? Please reply here!! Clearly /e/ will have to prioritize in the short term, but it will be nice to have these things on the roadmap:).

perhaps interesting to note, as @GaelDuval noted here: /e/OS on laptops, PinePhone , there are 2 reasons for cross-device-type /e/ availability: 1) support for Android apps, 2) cross-platform /e/ experience


Well, probably everything related to domotic ?

Hi @Rik, good suggestion on e-readers :+1:

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Les “smart-auto-radio” sous Android ?