E/OS on Oneplus 7 Pro running Android 11?

I got E/OS running on a Oneplus 7Pro. Using easy installer. I saw it is running Android 11 although 12 is available. I assumed falsely Easy installer would install the latest possible android. Would there be any reason to upgrade it?
Thank you for the advise

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not yet !

choosing easy-installer you get “stable”
for now e-1.19.1-r-20240110372391-stable-guacamole (android 11 based) : https://images.ecloud.global/stable/guacamole/

e-1.19.1-t-20240113373116-dev-guacamole (android 13 based) is available on official dev branch : https://images.ecloud.global/dev/guacamole/

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Thank you Piero. Okay I should have installed it manually I understand. Spent hours installing all the apps again. Any serious reason I should upgrade?

What did Easy Installer actually install ? [HOWTO] Give complete /e/OS version info easily for support, answers, comparison etc.

I see guacamole features in this documentation request Easy Installer always delivers Stable build ? - No, sometimes dev

This is what you mean aibd?

I am sorry @aibd but I do not understand what the second link you sent is trying to explain.
Would you be so kind to explain what it comes down to?

I would rather not install it all over again unless there is a serious security hazard.

Yes, thanks.

So it seems you used an older version of Easy Installer not affected by the issue I mentioned. So you have the options exactly as pointed out by @piero.

Easy Installer seems in a process of transition from stable to dev on the mentioned devices.

Thank you. Okay so I could install /e/OS-T(13) but would that be necessary from a security point of view you think? Otherwise I am fine with this version as long as it does the job.

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you could wait for stable T version

Okay, thank you kindly Piero and @aibd for your help. Then I will do that.

I installed Android 13 (T) on 2 OP7 pro’s and 1 OP7T pro. On all 3 devices it is running flawlessly. I notice no difference between the stable version and the dev version.


Thanx a lot for the information. Well I have to spent another rainy Sunday afternoon reinstalling the phone I guess :slight_smile:

Once e.os Android R is already running, installing T is a breeze. It will need just a short shower in stead of a rainy sunday.

Summer ;- ) breeze sounds interesting? Is there a way to upgrade without having to reinstall all apps?

Are you pleased with the phone eosfan ?

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From feedback on other devices look like there are no dataloss upgrading from S to T
(also, upgraded parts of the firmware are expected to be included in T builds).
not sure if switching branch from S-stable to T-dev can be done without data-reset…

But this post is encourageant :

Yes I am happy with it. It is a nice phone. Thanx for asking. Still running Android 11 on it. I think I won’t be upgrading cause it is to tricky and it takes so much time installing all the apps ect again.
Have a nice evening!

@nrvk did not upgrade from /e/OS-S to /e/OS-T, but updated from e-1.18-t-20231221-UNOFFICIAL-h850 by @ronnz98. That could be a crucial difference, couldn’t it?

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