Fairphone 3 battery drain after /e/ update

I got rid of a battery drain in the past, but now it’s back.
It started again at some point after the 20200514 update.

I can confirm the issue which was filed already …

If I enable airplane mode, the drain stops.
Apart from that it’s not caused by the launcher (tried Bliss and Lawnchair, no difference), and it’s not the Mail App (uninstalled it and tried a different one).

Reports over at the Fairphone forum hint towards the latest update for the stock OS (A.0118 or A.0120). Since Fairphone and /e/ cooperate, I speculate some updated modem software from Fairphone got built into the 20200514 /e/ update and is now causing battery drain on the stock OS as well as /e/.

Are there others out there with battery drain now on their Fairphone 3?
For me the phone loses up to 3% battery per hour when idle with the screen off.
(Before the drain this was 0.5% per hour.)

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Hello AnotherElk,

I’ll check the battery drain on my FP3 with build 20200514 and report here in about one hour.

No big drain at my FP3.

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A short feed back: quick test shows no no alarming energy drain after one hour. Conditions: Hibernation, screen off, apps in the background: Mail (K9), MS-Outlook, MS-Onedrive, DAVx5 , Threema, TelegramX (and maybe other, I don’t now…). Total consumption after about one hour less than 1%.

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I disabled “Mobile data always active” in the Developer options, the description of this switch is “Always keep mobile data active, even when Wi-Fi is active (for fast network switching)”.

With this, the battery drain is gone while the phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network, which makes the situation at least much more manageable (e.g. no drain at home). I didn’t notice any disadvantage due to supposedly slower network switching so far.

When not in a Wi-Fi network, the drain is still there.


I expirienced the drain as well. After the last update I made. Hope with the update today it will be less. When I first installed /e/ I could use it for 2 days. Ah and I use Fairphone 3 do some phone calls and use emby to listen to my music.


I also have the same experience :frowning_face: 50 % empty within 6 hours without doing anything except auto sync (Only mail 30 min polling, Calendar/Contacts 1 time per day, Signal+Element via MicroG)

FP2 - Latest eOS (*I know that my phone FP 2 is not suitable for the title :wink: )

This issue has been reported on Gitlab here
Please add your comments with all details of usage and add logs where possible.
That would help the dev team resolve the issue ASAP.

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Sounds reasonable … as long as everything works as it should and the phone gets considerable idle time. I guess you would not be power-gaming for 9 days without charging :slight_smile: .
My Fairphone 3 could have idled around for about 12 days a while ago …


Using /e/ with the setting I mentioned above my phone now has stretches that look as good, but the decline is not as constant as I observed with my predecessing setup. Still good for a couple of days, as long as there’s Wi-Fi (for now).

Interesting hint.
The App list including system processes lists com.quicinc.cne.CNEService.CNEServiceApp … which looks unremarkable concerning usage of resources right now for me.

Seamless updates perhaps? … https://source.android.com/devices/tech/ota/ab

All so-called A/B devices (including the Fairphone 3) do OS updates in the background while letting the user still use the phone instead of updating on reboot, blocking the phone for a considerable amount of time. These updates can be interrupted, there’s a button for this in the Updater once an update is being installed.
A/B devices only need to reboot to switch the OS slot (“A” or “B”) from the one currently in use to the one which got updated, and this reboot doesn’t take more time than usual.