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How about an event where /e/ users shoot photos using the built-in camera app ie Open Camera & editing or processing those photos using only Free software like RawTherapee, darktable & GIMP. The photos are then uploaded here or using /e/ cloud & then the best photos are selected & used as the default wallpapers for /e/. The people who shoot have to give a tutorial of sorts about how they shot a particular photo & then edited or processed it while also saying which device they used & what settings they use on the daily in the camera app & also for the shot they took. This will help people who want to learn to use the camera app, the settings they can change to get better photos & how they may edit or process a photo further to make it even better.


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Let’s start!

Can you find how I did it ?
(Answer will come later )


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Using already shot photos/screenshots, opening a photo on a phone then shooting that phone & doing it again and again until peak satisfaction is achieved & then using the last shot/screenshot so it looks like it goes till infinity & beyond. :shushing_face:

I agree, my guess too!

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You’re really close but that’s not the correct answer :blush:

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there is only one single mirror or other loop back device necessary to achieve this kind of results, nevertheless i don’t see this kind of “effects” as very satisfying in an artistic/creative sense.

take a look e.g. at works of mario klingemann if you want do get impression, how intellectual “reflection” of new means in electronic photography and image processing my lead to exiting new fields of artistic work.

What’s the correct answer?

I never say it’s artistic. I have no pretention.
It’s just for fun and to start the photo event proposed by Elli.

Thanks for the reference to mario klingemann and no I didn’t use any mirror to do it.