/e/ version information

Where can I find information about the /e/ versions, like on which Android version the /e/ versions are based on?

So far it seems that /e/ 0.9 is based on Android 7.

What about the rest? I couldn’t find a version history or something like that.

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Hello and welcome.

Go to Settings > About phone (back page)

/e/ version’s number isn’t linked to Android base. Some devices are released on Oreo, Pie, even Q, others are still running Nougat, due to hardware specifications…

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In case you want to know the major android version before installing it on some phone, have a look at the file names of the images that are linked in the install intructions, e.g. IMG-e-0.11-p-2020082870302-dev-FP3.zip

The -p- part means Android Pie, so that’s Android 9 in this case.


Are there at least some kind of release notes so that I understand the difference between version 0.9 and 0.11 for example.

i’ve searched some time ago but i think there is only code informations on gitlab.

On the device

Settings >> System >> Updater >> Tap on the three dot on top right
This should open the pop up like in the screenshot >> Show changelog

On the server the url would be


replace the s2 with your devicecode

Screenshot from 2020-10-10 05-59-17


I found the pop up option. It opens a request in the browser with a 404 “Not Found” response.

“The requested URL /dev/herolte/e-0.9-n-2020051153544-dev-herlote.zip.changelog was not found on this server”.

It looks like is was tried to get the changelog for the current system. That this file is missing is an issue on its own. I wanted to get the changelog for the available update before I actually do the update.

Is that possible?



Thank you everyone → solved.