Echo for incoming callers Gigaset 290

This issue was put forward by Michel in August, but now I have v021 on this phone and still I get complaints about strong echo in telephone calls on my Gigaset 290. I myself do not hear any defect in the sound. Could it be the hardware? Who can nelp?

Is there an echo when not in speakerphone mode? Also, are these regular calls or calls via IP (Signal, whatsapp…)?

Thanks for asking.
NO speaker mode. And I ONLY use regular calls.

Yes, I can confirm (using version 0.21). Still considerable echo (with Signal), unbearable for the other side. Maybe it’s the hardware, because when I am calling (with Signal) via bluetooth headset all echo is gone.

(previous OS version also had echo when using bluetooth when calling, but that has been solved)

I have encountered the same problem ever since I had the GS290 phone. This is, with previous e-os versions and today with the latest build of 28th Feb 2022.

Only the persons calling me are complaining that they can hear themselves. If i turn down the call volume to the absolute minimum, the echo for the caller is reduced, but then it is hard for me to hear the caller.

Any advise would be appreciated.