Echo on the car Bluetooth

I am discovering /e on my gigaset GS290. I’m super happy, I just have a little problem with Bluetooth when it’s connected to my car.
I hear the sound of my voice in the car loudspeaker, making the discussion almost impossible because of the echo.

Someone’s already tested and found the same problem?

thank you very much


Hey, I am dealing with the same issue on the GS290. The problem only occurs when using the bluetooth connection to a car (tested in two different cars). However, when I use the speakers of my phone the conversation is clear.
In addition, the echo is only present when doing “normal” calls via the phone’s dialer. When I tried it with Signal and Whatsapp no echo occurs.

@losnono Have you already created an issue on gitlab?


@Zabel, Thank you for coming back, I was afraid it might be a problem with my phone.
No I didn’t declare the problem on gitlab, I don’t know how to do it. Thanks to you.

Pl check the document given here

No problem. I just created an issue #2434

I Can confirm this issue.

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Same problem for me.
If developpers may try something, it will be very appreciated.

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Bought gs290 in /e/ store. Same problem echo in my car. Hope that will be soon fixed.

Still ocuring with latest 0.15 build.

I just got my GS290 and unfortunately I can’t use a Bluetooth headset because I constantly hear my voice back when I am talking. Is there something I can do?

This is a major issue. Echo on all calls using bluetooth. I have tried 4 different headsets and in my car, same problem. So much echo that it cant be used at all. Headsets can be used when listening to music only, but if someone calls or I would like to call I have to disconnect bluetooth to my car or headset. The audio feedback from my own microphone is far to high and i cant have a useful conversation.

Exactly, same problem here. I hope that it can be fixed. Did you already get an answer from the developers?

Totally agree this issue… major issue me too. Im using my phone about 8h per day for Bluetooth calls and now i cant use phone at all.


perhaps, you can complete the issue on gitlab

It is done, thank you.

Same issue here. 2 hours in the car every day, no phone. :frowning:
Besides that great device and great OS.

still echo present in car with the latest build e-0.16-q-20210414110657…at least my little son has fun with it
edit.: besides of that really nice stable and fast os.

I would like to add that the echoes do not occur when switching to a messenger based call like a signal call. It is not a complete workaround but it helps as you still can use the car’s audio system then.

is still alive with the new update 0.17q

As much as I appreciate the whole project: This is super annoying. :slightly_frowning_face:

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