Status bar issue

Since the Last Update my statusbar looks like that:

I want the wifi symbol etc. on the right side like it was before, as it covers notification symbols now, but i cant find a option for that.

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Same here.

Since the update notifications for new messages are not shown anymore in the status bar … is this intended?

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:slight_smile: this will be an /e/OS specific change in the UI …left aligned icons … maybe we should come out with a announcement about this and other such changes users can expect in the UI in the builds to come.


Is this true for missing message notification symbols too?
I created an issue on gitlab regarding this as I guess this is unwanted behaviour.

Missing message notification symbols would be a bug.

I would be very interested to hear about the reasons for this change. Why is it needed?

In this case pls take over the battery symbol to the left too, so that we have space on the right for the notifications. I personally dont care on which side they are, but i think everyone wants to have notifications and status symbols on separate sides.

Or even better: give the user the choice, which is already possible with the clock e.g.


I get that /e/OS is trying to be more unique and like, I’m okay with random UI changes but…

It’s a bit buggy :slight_smile:


I’m not! I am OK with changes that are made for good reasons. For example to improve usability, readability, discoverability, or other aspects of the device’s User Experience. But change for the sake of change, or ‘to make it different’, is almost always a mistake.

For context, I spent some time working in usability and UI design for early smartphones (Symbian, pre-iPhone, )


According to the changelog it’s actually intended apparently:

Agree 1000 % :+1::+1::+1::+1:


That issue is marked as an improvement
It says

What is the improved behavior?
Do not display notification icons in the top screen bar

How is not showing notifications in the status bar an improvement? I use that functionality several times each day. Removing it makes the device significantly worse, not better.

I will have a comment to the issue asking for it to be reopened or reverted.

I have also raised a new issue #1875 to revert it. If you agree that it should be reverted, and that notifications should continue to be displayed in the status bar, please add a comment to this new issue

You could also add a comment to this epic where the change has been discussed these last 6 months. Sadly, I didn’t see any discussion of it in these forums or I would have commented earlier.


Another effect:
This sector in the opened statusbar looks very unaesthetic.

The height alignment between the Date and status icons seems to be shifted or in different sizes.

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Same opinion here, I don’t like these “improvements”. I can’t disable the carrier name, I can’t put the monitor trafic in center as before. Everything seems very heavy and annoying. Many options available for the status bar disappeared.
Hope it will be reverted or put as new options!


It was a bad idea to change the layout.
Pls remember to good old IT phrase:
Never change a running system!


I think the new status bar looks preety good, but the only thing i hate are the missing notification icons, they should at least add a symbol to know when there are notifications.

If /e/ is made into a UI playground, and without proper testing it seems … the often cited Moms and Dads will be very pleased. Not.
Advantage LineageOS.


okay, this is really ridiculuous.

i don’t mind having more options, but my phone has now ceased being a phone and has suddenly become a useless device that only tells me whether or not i am connected to wifi or not.

every app let’s you deactivate notifications individually. the OP’s reason for filing the “bug 1080” were “too many notifications”. how was this ever, ever, EVER implemented, and as a mandatory update?

if i had the choice to install a different OS right now and leave /e/, i would, but i am stuck with my fairphone that i paid the /e/ foundation to have /e/ installed.

that this is some kind of a design choice is simple gaslighting.


This change is being discussed in this epic in gitlab .

@GaelDuval has responded with his comments

5- notification icons in top bar: we will keep them not visible. We can think about adding a radio button in settings to have them appear.

I have responded, asking him if he will a: share the reasoning and research behind this decision and b: change his decision, and continue to show notification icons in the status bar.

If you have any opinions on this issue, it might be worth sharing them there also, so that the developers can get a better feeling of what their users want.


And never have gotten an answer, right? ?