Email your bank to start accepting /e/!

hi all, i also think it is a good idea that we keep asking banks for this, all of us. With enough requests from users they will implement it, eventually. @andrelam , could you expand about what you meant with that banks have to host their apps themselves, with chechsum? It would be good if, in our contacting of banks, we could add a consistent message for a good alternative for them. THeir technical departments might respond to that.

Threema App Shop shows how it works. Also →

Hey Rik,
What i mean by banks have to host the app themselves, is something like this, a place on their server where you can download the apk. You can check the https url and you will know it is the original apk from the bank. If they also provide a checksum you can check if the file is original with no modification (if you change 1 bit in a file, the checksum will be complete different).

great, is there an app that consumers can use to check the checksum easily (to make it “mom and dad-proof” ?

I’ve been denied numerous times now, going to run out of banks soon haha Most recent response was:

“We leverage certain Google Services to improve the quality and stability of our digital products. Analytics, Cloud Messaging, Crash Reporting and A/B Testing are all tools that we use in delivering a great experience.”

This was after I suggested if they really must need to capture some analytics then use ACRA…
I even get similar responses from cryptocurrency wallet app developers which you would assume being the nature of cryptocurrency would respect user privacy… another example below after i contacted them after their app would not even launch without play services…

"Thank you for your patience.

Upon checking with the team, you will not be able to use the app without having the Play Store on your mobile device. The app should be downloaded from it and updated to the latest version."

In summary I feel like these developers are just lazy employees piggy backing off goolags services just to make it easy for their pay cheque and not caring about their end users. This is why I think we are not going to have much luck with big financial institutions without the masses protesting this.

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Well, let’s start an /e/ bank :). Problem solved :+1:


“/e/ coin” :sweat_smile:


Bonsoir @denux,

je suis moi aussi client du crédit mutuel et je viens d’installer /e/ sur mon Samsung S7. Pourriez-vous me dire comment vous avez trouvé l’application dans le store ? J’ai beau essayer toutes les orthographes possible mais sans succès. :dizzy_face:
D’avance merci.

Bonjour @Remi,
en effet l’appli android du crédit mutuel n’est disponible que sur le sur google play à ma connaissance. je ne l’ai pas trouvée non plus sur Apkpure c’est pourquoi j’ai utilisé Raccoon depuis un ordinateur sous linux, mais Raccoon fonctionne aussi sous Windows ou MacOs. C’est une application en java. Malheureusement j’ai du créer un compte google pour que Raccoon puisse se connecter. mais au moins ce compte ne sert jamais et reste confiné à l’application Raccoon. L’application que vous cherchez s’appelle “Crédit Mutuel”, à ne pas confondre avec " Crédit Mutuel Mobile" qui est dédiée à la gestion du téléphone (je n’ai pas installé cette appli). L’archive de l’appli Crédit Mutuel se nomme “com.cm_prod.bad-2001312496.apk”. Le chiffres changent en fonction de la version. Ici: version 7.12.0). Depuis j’ai renoncé à l’utiliser car je pense que les services SafetyNet de Google ne peuvent être utilisés sur /e/. En tout cas pas " out of the box". En attendant le Crédit Mutuel m’envoie un SMS pour réaliser la double authentification.
En espérant avoir répondu à votre question,

Bonjour @denux,

Merci pour l’info,
étant nouveau dans les ROM custom, je ne connaissais pas Raccoon. Après installation, j’ai bien pu installer l’application crédit mutuel. Tout semble bien fonctionner.
Bonne fin de journée.

EDIT: J’ai finalement réussi à faire fonctionner l’appli du Crédit Mutuel sur mon /e/phone Samsung S9+ acheté à la J’ai suivi les conseils donnés dans cette discussion et j’ai tout simplement composé ce code sur le dialer du téléphone:


voir ici

et tout est miraculeusement rentré dans l’ordre!
Bonne journée à tous

CC: @Remi


Hi there,
just a recent experience: I just run into the same problem described in this discussion. For online banking with a german bank (‘Flessabank’) they require the installation of the so-called SecureGo App which is only available in the Google and Apple stores - with registration of course.
Banks are always emphasizing their repute and the importance of data protection, and at the same time they turn over their customers to the worlds’ largest data collectors.
Let’s hope this will change soon.

have you tried getting the SecureGo app via the Aurora store?

Thanks for the hint.
But: Aurora Store requires a Login, the anonymous login failed first but succeeded after an update of the Aurora Store. Aurora Store always stops/crashes when ‘Building GooglePlay API’. The connection seems to fail.
F-Droid does not have this SecureGo App.

Hi @alhein download Aurora Store from Fdroid…the version number should be 3.1.8 .
Set up this version with an anonymous login. This version when run each time will show the initial screen with a message ‘Failed to build API, retrying’ then the apps will be fetched and displayed.

yes i 2nd this post by Manoj. It’s important you download Aurora store from Fdroid and NOT from the /e/ app store. The version there is older and does not work.

Via de Aurora store I have succeeded to install the Dutch bank-app for Triodosbank on /e/ os Fairphone3.
Looks good! Also Tikkie and DigiD are working!!

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Good idea I’ve emailed my ethical bank Triodos.

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I adapted the template and sent it to my bank and also a well known pub food chain, Weatherspoons (UK) when I was using Google I could order and pay via google pay or PayPal or with my debit card details, but now I’m using /e/OS I can download the App via Aurora store but payment is not accepted.

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