eOS "googled" version

To eOS team, I would recommend that you release the google eOS version in parallel, this will cover a wider audience of users and introduce eOS to those users who are not yet ready to refuse google services for a number of reasons((first of all because of play store, bank apps, message delivery, etc.)). I used eOS for a while(while I had Le2) and I really liked the ROM.
What do you think about it?


Oh no, I don’t like that idea at all. It would be a betrayal of /e/volution. More users or not, the G°°devil must be left out.


:slight_smile: I doubt this idea will work out. The whole idea behind /e/ was to de -google the AOSP code and take it beyond where LineageOS has gone.
We will come out with a FOSS only and a non FOSS version later this year with FDroid as the default repository.
The non FOSS version will still not be a google play store version but give users the ability to download
the ‘unsafe’ apps they love to use from the Google Play Store.


Yes, that basically embodies /e/ philosophy in 7 words!
This is the what makes /e/ what it is.


Couldn’t agree more!


what a bad idea. As Manoj has mentioned, it’s totally against e.foundation credo. I’m sorry, but I think should read a little more what eOS is and for what it is build


I like the idea, /e/ is the first usable Android version :wink:. /e/ could reach a broader audience. PS i hate Goolag, but the idea is actually pretty good. I would have never thought about it because of my natural Goolag hate.

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but only with an locked bootloader and full encrypt :wink: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Of course because /e/ is very unsafe by default! If you loose your phone everyone can access it and steal your identity, that’s why i stopped building ROM’s and support because this is unacceptable. Your data is then everybody’s data.

yes, but only that one which have found your device. But with ‘googled’ version your data is the everybody in the world data.


We are getting off topic, you are apparently not aware of what is available on the net, identities are for sale. I did not see identities sold by Goolag at the moment.

No, a googled OS is topic of this post.
Googlag sells your data, FB sells your data. But not everyone who will find you lost device will be able or interested in steeling and selling your data

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release the google eOS version in parallel

I agree. It would be more honest. When you use e, you trust e with contacts, apps, email, backup files, and other info; plus trust apps info to operators of cleanapk.org. If you also use apps using Google services, you give a lot of info to Google, even with microG.

For most users, eos is Android with a custom launcher, some branded apps, and broken, partly working or fully working popular apps users install. For all the work eos developers do, in the end someone will show there is no gain in privacy, or maybe less privacy.

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I wonder why /e/ does not warn users that their phone is not protected by default, that their passwords and fingerprints do not make any sense without encryption (especially for dads and moms)


Only because you’re not worth their time to sell those identities to, you’re not a big enough corporation.
If you were bigger, picking up 10-25k identities should be no problem!
(and no, I haven’t been buying identities either. :slight_smile:)

For those who want the Google Play Services and everything that comes with it, there is already LineageOS+GApps or the stock ROM.

/e/ shouldn’t have to lose time building a new branch, with potentially more bug if solutions already exist.


It’s true it could be advertised. But it’s the same thing with Windows. Microsoft never gave the power of encryption to non-Pro version users. And everyone using Windows thinks his/her windows account password protects him/her.

All their data are in clear and it takes 1 minute to start readig and copying all the data. Same thing for /e/ or LineageOS without encryption.

What is the underlying message, comparing with other bad implementations makes it ok? You can’t go advertising ‘your data is your data’ with a knowingly big security hole like this.


I’m sorry, but this whining is really getting on my nerves.

Take better care of your mobile phone, then nobody can access your unencrypted data via TWRP.


You don’t have to answer.

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