Faiphone 5 90hz display settings not working as exspected

Hello fellow FP5 User,

In short: My FP5 purchased in the Murena Store hast trouble with the 90hz display setting. Switching from 60 to 90 hz works, and everything looks way smoother, but after locking/unlocking the phone, the display falls back to something not 90hz. I could bet it is even below 60 hz. Setting the display to 60 hz provides a smoother experience than the faulty 90 hz setting. Also the boot animation with 90hz seems to be broken, there are flashing white bars top and bottom of the screen (which are not present with proper 60 hz settings).

Can someone reproduce this and if yes, add a comment to my Gitlab issue?
Thanks a lot & have a nice day!

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Same here on my Murena FP5. That’s why I’m using the 60Hz setting and I’m waiting for an update to fix this!

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Not a Murena FP5 but I flashed /e/ manually and I can confirm this behavior for both 1.17t stable and dev.
“Workaround”: For whatever reason opening the stock camera app seems to fix this and the 90 Hz setting works as expected. Still, pretty annoying to have to do this every time after unlocking the phone.

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Camera app on FP5 “fixes” thebissue, too.

Hi, I have just tried it on my Murena FP5
and it showed the same behavior.

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1.18 dev seems to have fixed the issue. At least no flicker at boot screen.

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Thx for testing this version. I’m looking forward for stable release then.

Happy to report that 1.18 fixed 90hz!


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