Fairphone 3, /e/os 1.0: camera serious degradation

Hi all,
First of all, I apologize if this topic appeared somewhere else, I wanted to share this experience, since it seems to me unique to my devise.
My fairphone 3 is 20 months old, and already suffered from one update in summer 2021: I sent it back since the phone went dead suddenly even if the battery was full.

Anyhow, I changed the battery in the same time as the update and I encountered the same issue already explained in this topic: Battery drain on v1.0 (#5549) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab

But that is not the big issue: the issue is the camera behavior.
Before the update, I often had to restart the phone due to cameras instability (black screen).
Now, the issue is more present and extended to receiving or emitting video calls (telegram, signal, WhatsApp… All the same issue).
The phone freezes, I cannot kill the call and have to restart the phone.
I am not sure which camera is doing this (the front or the back?).

Am I the only one experiencing this ?
Do I have to upgrade the hardware with the FP3+ camera or is it a purely software issue ?

Finally, last minor issue, the brightness settings go back by default to a minimum after locking the screen.

Thanks for the support.

I had this message too.

In my case the reason was always another camera app I was testing which always crashed when I switched from back to front camera and then still claimed the camera as “in use”. When this happened I had indeed to reboot.

But this was already on 0.23, so I think it’s not a new 1.0 issue. I also changed the camera module a year ago, so the problem does also not depend on this.


Peut etre que tu peux tester avec l’appli camera graphenOS disponible sur l’app lounge. Il parrait que ca prend de meilleur photo que l’appli de base (perso j’ai pas vu de diff). Avec un peu de chance ca resolvera aussi les probleme de crash. En tout cas ca coute rien de tenter.

Pas mal d’info sur cette appli ici GraphenOS camera

Il y a un ticket ici Camera not working after 1.0 update (#5555) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab

Yes! I have had exactly this same issue. Video calls, or use of the camera in apps is often un-usable or will lead to a system-wide crash.