Fairphone 3 FP3 support on /e/

This issues was sorted out. The porting team should have got the devices by now. Anyway the work on porting is on in full swing. Hope to make some progress announcements soon.


What do you mean sell me the FP3? I don’t have one yet. I want to wait until there is a Google-free OS.

I can’t help with the development. I only know a little python. I think you wanted to sell it to a developer.

sorry, my message was unclear. this offer wasn’t for you but for Manoj because they need a FP for development - and he already answered anyway.

Is there a git repro or a branch to see it?

How does that screen look ?

First visuals of /e/ booting and running on a FP3 !!!

Still under testing but it would not be long
Coming soon to a supported list on /e/ …


That’s brilliant news. I’ve been testing the OS on my old Nexus 5 while waiting for the port!

Very excited and such excellent speedy work!

Thank you and the team for all your efforts.

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Its private at the moment will release sources with stable builds public.

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Great, great news! I will order a Fairphone in the coming days.
Thanks to you all!

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As soon as the beta testing starts count me in! :wink:


Thanks @Ingo_FP_Angel for the offer to test the beta builds. I will be contacting FP3 users on this forum to help with the testing - which should be soon.


+1 … here is also a interested Fairphone 3 beta tester … :wink:

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Hello Manoj,

would it be useful for you if I were a tester, too? I don’t have any software/programming knowledge, and I have difficulties with adb here, I guess because I’m running a quite old-fashioned Mac. So I probably just can install your OS and report how it’s going.

My Fairphone 3 is rooted and has TWRP installed.

Greetings from gougelmobber :wave:

I’ve participated to do a few things to FP3 already, maybe some of them will interest you. You can PM me if you want (I cannot send a PM since I’m a new user on this forum).
Also, I’m interested to test the beta build.


Hi @pigpig you can send the details of how you can help to join@e.email

Hello everyone, hello Manoj

I’ve been following this thread for a few days, excited by the idea of getting a ‘‘free’’ phone :slight_smile:
Just creating an account to say that i am aviable if you need beta testers on FP3.
Thank you so much for the work you’re doing !!

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Hello, @gougelmobber, please install current SDK Platform Tools Android ADB & Fastboot for Mac platform-tools_r29.0.5-darwin.zip and your Mac can “speak” with a Android Phone.

Since TWRP is already installed on your FP3, the /e/ OS build can also be installed via the microSD card … without ADB and fastboot. Then you just have to be accredited as a selected tester.

Further to the other forum requests,

I’d also love to be part of the beta testing.

Many thanks.

Hello @archje,

I already had installed version r29, but for some reason I repeatedly get the error message “unknown command” (not for all commands, just particular ones). Which doesn’t happen on the Mac I use in my office; here adb works fine. On this machine, I rooted my FP3 and installed TWRP.

Okay, if adb isn’t needed to install /e/ OS, even better! I look forward to the things coming up… :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh, just noticed: Nice to see @pigpig around here! Great!

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I’m also currently trying to port LineageOS 16 for FP3. As /e/ is based on LOS, I’d be interested if you’re working on the same or you are focus on GSI?
However here is my repo. Maybe we could work together on that.


Hi - Great work! Also interested in beta testing.