Fairphone 3 FP3 support on /e/

Those interested in testing can send in these details to testing@e.email

/e/ email ID (optional)
Tester Name (optional)
/e/ Gitlab ID ( required)
Telegram username (required)

[ Need the gitlab ID to add your name to the testing project , telegram username is need to add your name to the telegram /e/ testing channel ]

Please note: Only users who have experience of flashing their devices with stock and /e/OS ROM’s need to volunteer for the testing.

Let me know in case you had previously sent your details for the FP2 testing.

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Ok, I order a FP3 this month. :smiley:

How when the /e/ OS being downloaded? Has i do i manuelt or will fairphone rolling a update of choice? I am not so avandce to installing stuff on phones, but i am very tired of google.
and another thing is, will there be Handelsbanken, Betalingsservice, Blur, Airwallet, mobilpay and E-Boks.dk apps?

Hi @Violet_lilly the initial /e/OS build for the FP3 will have to be download from the /e/ servers. We will share the location with the testing team once we are ready.
Post that the build will have to be manually flashed on the FP3.
If you have previously flashed the build it will be easier to install the FP3 build as well.
Once the testing is complete we will come out with the official build which again users will have to manually flash the first time and then subsequent builds will be available OTA.


Cool cool, but will there be later danish OS version?

We have started a project to translate the /e/ OS as default apps into various languages. You can check the details here. Languages will be added if there is a demand for it and off course if translators are available.

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Thanks to all those who have volunteered to help with the beta testing of the FP3. I have added the details of users who sent it as requested here.
We are still a few days away from the actual testing starting. I will announce the start on this thread.

Have to say this …the support and enthusiasm of the Fairphone users is amazing !
Every time a request goes out for volunteers to test FairPhone models I am deluged by requests!!
:pray: Thanks !!!


Can’t believe it has been so fast ! I don’t need to ask you to give some news as it seems to go so fast that we will shortly have some !


Yes we should be able to release it for beta testing soon. Great work by the development team.

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Update: As mentioned above I have already received details from about a dozen volunteer testers for the FP3. If you still want to send in your details you are welcome.

In some cases I may not have written back to some of you to confirm that I have your details.

All the same please note I am collecting the details you have shared and will be announcing the start of the testing here on this thread. Expect it to happen soon.

Again thanks for offering to help with the testing efforts.


Status report on the FP3 porting…

Completed :

  • Wifi
  • Media playback
  • OMX ( Open Media Acceleration)

Work in Progress:

  • Camera
  • Sensors
  • GPS
  • Fingerprint

:loudspeaker: Stay tuned for more details in the days to come …


really cool that /e/ is coming to this device!


When I will install eelo on my FP3 I’d like to root it : do the tests are made on rooted or non-rooted phones ?

Right now the priority is to get the FP3 ported. We also usually work with non rooted phones. You can try rooting once you get the /e/ ROM on your FP3.

My FP3 arrives this week, if not DHL sleeps on friday. :slight_smile:

Can not wait for testing /e/.

Manoj : it was just to know. I guess that flashing addonsu lineageos package should be enough to root FP3.

Fairphoner : I have ordered my FP3 sunday and I received it on Tuesday ! I received a message on my smartphone from DHL at 11h, so keep an eye on your Smartphone and get ready to receive it !

Alt0216: Ordered on Friday, it should arrive this Friday. I ordered it to a parcel station because I’m not home. Let’s see what happens.

Hi! thank you for FP3 porting. My Fp3 has been waiting for a privacy friendly and stable operating system for daily use for about 3 months now. It’s still locked in its box, like it just came to my house. Good job!

Hiii Manoj… is there a new status? I have my FP3 since thirty minutes… lalala :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:


Let me just say there will be an official announcement :loudspeaker: from Gaël soon on this… :wink:
Soon as in may be this coming week :innocent: