Fairphone 3+ (FP3+)

As I couldn’t find the Fairphone 3+ on any of the lists described here, I would like to add it.

Support for Fairphone 3+ has been announced in different posts.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

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No need to request it, it’s coming …

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Are there many differences between the FP3 and the FP3+? I have an FP3+ and I was wondering if the FP3 version would run on it.

Hi @Bernard_Hurley the FP3 build will not work on the FP3+. We will be releasing the FP3+ builds towards the end of this month.


Differences are to be found here, including a detailed comparison PDF file …

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Dear @Manoj, dear @AnotherElk , thanks for the update! Looking forward to it and I am trying to dig into testing and see if I can be of any help!


Creating the FP3+ was such a bad idea. Fairphone has lost all /e/ interested people for several months because they wanted to offer android 10! And the result is: tiny differences between camera 48MP => 12MP. Several problems around with A10. Well done!
FP3 and /e/ just work very well. They are two fantastic projects.
/e/ has to give up the idea of being as fun/“modern” as g00gle. No chance. The market for Fairphones and /e/ is people who want a good, private and sustainable device. Those wanting g00gle with /e/ must go back to g00gle, its their absolute right!

So excited to see this coming soon, I bought the FP3+ in the perspective of trying a google-free experience, I hadn’t seen that it broke compatibility with the FP3 on some aspects like camera driver ^^’

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Same here: We decided to dump all new iPhone 12 orders in favor of e-os to especially fix the exposure notification express backdoors.

What I wonder is that a " Fully functional and tested" FF3+ is offered in the e store (https://esolutions.shop/shop/e-os-fairphone-3-plus/).

How could that be?

Especially as https://community.e.foundation/t/fairphone-3-fp3/22075/8 states:

Caution: Please note this build is for the original FP3 under Android 9 (Pie) only. The FP3+ and its new camera modules are not supported on /e/OS yet. If you have upgraded your FP3 to the new Android 10 stock OS please do not flash this build.

Either the offered device is not fully functional (and the claim is wrong) or the maintainers withhold a working 10 (?!) version to make - small - profit by selling the phones with e/os preinstalled. In my opinion, either would have a bit unethical smell.

Would be great to get some clarity on this.

B.t.w. - I’m more than willing to pay some money for getting a working 10 version earlier, support a crowdfunding initiative, or individual devs.

Nevertheless - whoever has problems should definitely report them via https:// gitlab.e.foundation/e/management/issues/new (sorry, only two links allowed) to increase support for the FF3+.

The /e/ shop page for the FP3+ says “pre-order” and “Start shipping from November 9th”.
And if the Android 10 version is ready by then it sounds ok to me (originaly plan IIRC was “end of october”).

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Is there a public roadmap somewhere for such dates? Even when the concrete days may be failed it would be nice to know what’s in the pipeline.

I got the information from the dev blog entry that AnotherElk posted in the first reply to this topic.

The /e/ shop page for the FP3+ says “pre-order” and “Start shipping from November 9th”.

Sorry, I didn’t recognize it was a pre-order offering.

You’re absolutely right, thanks for the hint!

So, let’s wait and see. In the meantime, I installed eOS on my FP3+ and the camera isn’t working. In the need for a working solution, I’m more than happy waiting another week.

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When will fp3+ be supported? We r already november.

Most probably early next week…at present we are testing the build.


Ok. That’s good. I want to use this on my tablet to. Is this possible?

Glad to hear that, can’t wait abandoning our iPhones (still running iOS 13.4.1 due to the exposure notification express backdoor).

Oh, man, my phone just broke today…

So I was looking forward to the /e/-ified FP3+ for a while now, but suddenly it’s a need, not just a want.

If I pre-order today, when is it expected to ship? I’m currently bridging the time with my old Jolla 1. The site still says shipping from two days ago (incidentally my BD).

Also, what is the difference between buying an FP3+ from /e/ vs buying it from FP itself and then flashing it with /e/? (Apart from, obviously, supporting /e/, which they deserve.)

Pl send a mail to support@e.email for the answers to these queries.


@Manoj, thank you, have done so now. I apologise for the noise on this thread, I did not intend to spam it.