Fairphone 3+ syncs everything to /e/cloud except Photos/Screenshots

I bought a Fairphone 3+ with /e/ from the esolutions store 3 weeks ago.
There haven’t been any issues whatsoever up until now, but I just noticed the photos stopped syncing to the cloud. The text files etc. still sync just fine.

I tried logging out of my /e/ account and logging back in again, and I also tried pressing “Sync now”. All syncs are enabled for this account, except for SMS. It worked just fine for the first few days and I have no idea what I might’ve done that interferes with the syncing.

I use the default Camera, Gallery and Files app.
Version is /e/OS0.17-20210621120947 / Android 10, last updated on June 21st.

This issue has unfortunately been reported more than once in the past:

Currently, the only reliable fix is to manually install the nextcloud app: