Fairphone 4 camera broken

I am confused.
Should both Fairphone 4 rear cameras work?
I only have one working rear camera.

(Don’t know which one as specification is hard to find which is main camera and which is wide camera. I am guessing wide camera is the one which is working.)

Maybe here you can find the answer?

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So according to that thread others have both of the rear cameras working.

“If one goes into the camera settings, Camera Controls section and select On screen GUI…, then scroll down and toggle off the Multiple cameras icon this will enable scrolling through the lenses using the camera switcher instead and you will find ID 1 as the selfie cam.”

I can not find this setting. If I switch cameras it switches between 1 rear camera and selfie camera. I can not see any error messages or camera ID’s.

Is there some logs in Android to see/verify if my HW is faulty.
I just bought this phone, installed /e/OS and possibly now I need to get new camera module.

There are two different buttons for changing the cameras.

The one marked in red is for changing to wide angel camera. The one marked in green is for changing to selfie cam.

I hope I understood correctly that this is what you were asking for…

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Thanks for this info!

I don’t have that red button at all.
I only have that green one.

And I have latest 1.6-s software.

And I assume you’re using the /e/OS default camera (OpenCamera), right?
That’s indeed strange then… :thinking: (for me this button has always been there in any /e/ version…)

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Had to be enabled: Settings/Display interface/Multiple camera icon:


This is my view from settings.

And camera view.

I can not use front camera on applications for reading QR code. For example Signal:

I don’t know if this separate problem but flashlight works from camera application but not from quick menu. So I cannot use flashlight out side camera. Quick menu says that: “Flashlight - camera in use”.

Camera SW build version 1.50.1.

In your camera view above where it shows the zoom level as 1.88x what happens when you touch the dots to left and right? Will it zoom a bit more in and out?

Are you and jobal on different builds/version numbers; stable , dev etc?

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Nothing happens from those dots. They seem to be just visual element addition for that zoom level info.

OK, but can you zoom in and out. Select the slider from the settings if it helps. Note the zoom levels you can get. Even partially obscure the active lens and see if zooming in or out at the same time switches to a clear view from the other lens.

Other things : Wipe the storage in Settings > apps > Camera > Storage, and sttart again. Try installing open camera from Apps, see if different version etc. Actually no, just looked , it’s the same version

Zooming newer switches the camera. Only upper one (wide?) is active.

I installed Open Camera and it only uses selfie camera. Can not switch to back cameras.
This is About from Open Camera:
“No. of cameras:1” :sweat:
“Multi-camera?: false”

For me this sounds like hardware problem.

Hm, I think you might be right. That’s a pain! Is it worth dismantling the phone to take out the camera module and put it back in again. I’ve no idea what I’m asking btw as I’ve never had a Fairphone!

I would even try lightly tapping the module; percussive maintenance as I heard it called recently.

But yes, not looking good sadly.

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Same seem to me, an hardware problem because 1 camera works and not the other. Also the menu we talk in previous post problably isn’t an item due to the absence of other camera.
I had never open mg FP4 but you can try this way like @chrisrg suggest. Or you can ask on the FP4 forum or, in the end, to the Fairphone support.

Maybe it’s best to reinstall stock-OS and check there. If it’s a HW fault then you’ll have to reinstall stock OS anyway for full support…
(just don’t relock your bootloader after installing stockOS, it might brick the phone…)

It was actually HW failure. All cameras are working after changing camera module.