Fairphone 4 re-lock bootlocker without bricking

Hi dear friends.
I spent last couple hours reviewing all the previous posts and there still doesnt appear enough information for me to confirm that i am safe to relock the bootlocker after updating to /e/

Here are the steps ive done on my fp4:

  1. Updated fair phoneOS to android 12.
  2. Installed /e/ successfully.
    3.left unlock oem toggle off
  3. My currebt security patch is from february 5,2023

I have no idea what security patch date was on fairphoneos prior to upgrading it to /e/

Here are the questions i have:
1.i need to relock bootloader, how do i do that.
2.instructions say i need to execute commands on the computer. How? Which software is needed to run those commands and what kind of commands? Can anyone post video instruction.
3.does oem unlock toggle need to be on or off prior to executing any commands
4. Can someone confirm what security patch date was on fairphoneos as of 2 days ago when i updated that to /e/

Mybiggest fear is to brick my fp, but i do kot want the bootloader to stay unlocked and need to lock it asap.

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Looks you installed /e/ using the easy installer, yes?

Please don’t try to lock the bootloader yet; it looks like you may be at risk of bricking it if you do.

If you updated FP4 to the latest android 12 before installing /e/ it would have been on Security patch for March 23.

Your safest course of action is to wait for /e/ to release the next update for FP4 which should contain the March 23 security patch. While you wait you can learn about some of the things you need to know in order to make a plan for locking the bootloader.

Locking and unlocking the bootloader triggers a wipe of the data on device so you will lose all photos, files, apps you may have installed etc etc. So that’s an added inconvenience for you!

Questions 1. and 2. can be answered using the installation instructions as a starting point.

Q 3. The current state of OEM unlocking toggle in Developer options I would expect to be greyed out with info saying bootloader is already unlocked, yes? It should be optional to toggle it back on after locking the bootloader.

Q 4. No, because we don’t know what OS version you updated to. Best guess would be March.

Exactly what version of eOS is on device at the moment?

I decided to give it a try and locked the bootloader.
Locking critical partitikn worked fine and wiped the data and restarred the system fine, but going with thr last lock brought a message - your data is corrupt and wont boot.

What i did was i unlocked both critical and usual again and manually sideloaded the system.

Thankfully it didnt brick it, but locking the bootloader right now will bring that red data corrupt message and wont boot.
Can we request an updated version of /e/ with a better security patch (newer) so the bootloader can be locked again, that orange error message is very annoying at the boot haha

Anyone had similiar experience ?

Do we know for sure that the new updated /e/ os will solve the issue and will allow locking the bootloader?

What eOS version are you running now?

The most recent one from E

There are two versions, dev and stable.
I was confused by you saying you sideloaded /e/. That is something done in adb and doesn’t apply in this case.

I believe that relocking is possible on stable only.
If the updated OS contains March security patch you should be good to go; as per the installation instructions section “Caution”

Before going in and locking use the following command to check whether you would be able to unlock again afterwards if there was some sort of problem:

fastboot flashing get_unlock_ability

If the output =1, then you would be able to unlock again

if the output=0, do not lock. You will not be able to unlock again and if the phone doesn’t boot properly you’ve had it. Fairphone will need to reset it.

For both /e/ FP4 versions there are one and the same /e/ installation instructions.

Both /e/ ROMS contain the same, to the bit exact *.img files and an identical FP4 installer script.

What is the basis of your theory that relocking is only possible under stable version?

It’s not a theory, I just thought it was so from reading about it on the forum.

I may be wrong so I will go and look for the sources of this belief. I thought the dev builds were userdebug and stable were signed in a different way that made locking possible.

As described here

To understand the difference between /e/OS builds check this guide

Guys, the problem remains that if you upgraded your fairphoneos in april and then went straight to /e/ 1.9 the version of the security patch will not let you relock the bootloader without bricking and /e/ needs to upgrade 1.9 to 2.0 and include the fix and the newer security patch to permit users to relock their bootloader.

Yes, and in due course /e/ will release an update as part of their normal development cycle. It’s a waiting game.

The same can be true in reverse, if you want to go back to stock. It just depends where things are on devices and the respective OS’s.

First of all: I deliberately do not use the names of other Custom ROM editions or links to them, so as not to be suspected of advertising other Custom ROMs.

My FP4 runs since the end of Janunar 2023 with a Custom ROM including relocked Bootlaoder. In April 2023, it was simply updated via OTA update without the need for further measures.

Sure but here is my situation: i upgraded my FPos stock from 11 to 12 ota and then installed eOS with thr march security patch. Everything works fine except if i decide the relock the bootloader i will again have the bricking error screen at boot saying the data is corrupt. Lets create a comprehensive guide for users with video and pictures on how to make sure users check for security patch date on their phone before upgrading so they wont brick their fp4.

I appreciate /e/OS very much, use it often and among other things also use the /e/OS GSI often to free older devices without Custom ROM support from G*tracking.

But, with the FP4, I switched to another custom ROM because the /e/ documentation did not give me a sense of security when flashing /eOS on the Fairphone 4.

For example, two other custom ROMs (based on Android 13) for the FP4 require a file called avb_custom_key.img or avb_custom_key.bin for relocking, as it is offered here by /e/: 2. Download the avb custom key

Since I don’t recognize a /e/OS avb custom key for the FP4, I won’t try to lock the bootloader again.

I am in a similar situation.
I used the easy installer to load e Stable OS to my Fairphone 4 on March 11 but didn’t note the security patch release date of the Android build I was on before beginning the migration. It was running Android 12 prior to the change to e Stable OS. Now running 1.9-s-20230310268290-stable-FP4.

e Stable OS is running great.
I have not yet locked down the bootloader.

I’m wondering if it is possible for me to roll back to the Android 12 release it was running before, note the security patch release date and then remigrate back to e OS to be certain?

From what i understand all we gota do is wait for /e/ to release the update to 1.9 to include a newer security patch.

I see a 1.10 release here.

Can we use it?

Can you send a link?