Fairphone - FP3 - FP3+ Documentation Suggestions

Thanks for reporting this @hirntot …let me check with the team and get back with an update

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Same problem with IMG-e-1.1-r-…
Does anybody found a work-around?

In the guide for FP4 there are commands like
fastboot flash bluetooth_a bluetooth.img
fastboot flash bluetooth_b bluetooth.img
fastboot flash devcfg_a devcfg.img
fastboot flash devcfg_b devcfg.img

That could be adjusted to the img files present in the FP3 zip.

Isnt that what the flash script does anyway?

Thanks in advance!
(Sorry for insisting, but older stable release is no option for me.)

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The FP3 releases themselves are fine up to now, content-wise nothing changed compared to prior releases, it was always just image files.
It’s the install guide that’s broken currently.

@Manoj: Is there a timeline for the fixing of the install guide? Or will future releases match the current install guide?

In the meantime, Wayback Machine to the rescue …


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ok, this is bad. It was supposed to be added to the v1.4 build and seems to have missed. Have passed on to the build team to resolve. Will update.


We will push a v1.4.1 specifically for the FP3 with the correct set of files, hopefully by early next week.


Hello, the title won’t be ‘’ Fairphone FP3 - FP3+’’?

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:slight_smile: changed as required


Hi Manoj, can you estimate, when the 1.4.1 will come?

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I have not got an update as yet on this. Will check again on Monday and get back

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The 1.4 Version (e_FP3-userdebug 11 RQ3A.211001.001 eng.root.20220922.215721 dev-keys) works fine on my FP3

The correct folder structure should be visible on the stable and dev builds now.
The one build on which it is still pending is the FP3 Q dev build. Will try to get it out as part of the v1.4 or the next v1.5 which should be released in the week after next.

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Warning: Please note this upgrade build could not be tested as there were no device specific testers available. Some devices may need a revert to stock ROM prior to upgrade. To flash the stock ROM you would need to use a tool provided by your vendor. You may also need to download a recovery image built specifically for your device.****

Is this really true for FP3?

And also, in this guide it says sideloading work but that is not the case when you have a locked bootloader

The flash instructions are outdated as for the S dev (or other dev) builds.

The complete section “Installing /e/OS from the bootloader” refers to unzipping and starting “flash_FP3_factory.sh” but the latest dev builds contain the complete OTA which is just a payload.bin file.

So it needs to be flashed by sideloading and not via “flash_FP3_factory.sh”.