You have followed the indications of dakkar say in the wiki that @AerisOne share? I would like to try to build a GSI too. I will install on my dipper, is trebeled too.

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I follow the manual instructions, so applying patches by hand.

Oks, thanks, I will try this weekend.

Edited phh’s script, dakkar’s script or even manual way are not working for me. Even when I try to build lineage or aosp, seem my computer don’t want to build any GSI sucessfuly.

I’ve edited phh’s script to replace lineage repo with e repo but it’s not working.

Same experiences like all others which.have tried :woozy_face::thinking::thinking::thinking:

Strange cause that’s not working even when trying to build lineage or aosp…

The build did complete 100% after some code tweaking, but it did not boot.

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So… You build it successfully but you can’t use the image, am I right ?

Can you tell me how did you do ? Or send me your image ?

On what phone are you testing ? Do you think this can work on a OEM-Treble-Enabled phone ? Can I have a try ? (Too many questions)

Thanks for confirming the errors we also ran into. The GSI scripts as they are on the Github do not work…at lest not for building the /e/ GSI.

I did the patches by hand, and where they’ve failed i tweaked the code by hand by looking into the patch and compare with the code to be patched. I commented out all the Xiaomi problems because i was going to test on Sony XA2 just to see if it worked. So sharing would not make sense, because it wont work.

If you’re using Phh’s patches, please check the releases page on GitHub, latest version is broken and won’t boot on any devices except Samsung’s. So you need to use an older version, and if you used a git clone command you’ve downloaded the broken release.

I’ve published a GSI version here

I’ve answered you on phh treble but you were not there anymore :stuck_out_tongue:


How do you make this ? You’ve downloaded lineage sources and you’ve added e apps or you’ve used e repo to create the GSI ?
Answered me where ? IRC ?

I used /e/ repo, I will publish a full tutorial on Monday
Instead of using PHH scripts I used the ones from AndyYan
At first, a month ago, I’ve adapted them on my github account but the one from Andy are better

Yes it was on IRC :smiley:


But why that’s a “minimal” version ? Can you build a complete version ?
But otherwise that’s awesome !
I’ll try it today or tomorrow

Also, your GSI is for ARM, ARM64 or Binder64 ?
EDIT : ARM64, I’ll try to build it myself cause my phone is ARM


Minimal because not enough room on /system !
But it’s okay you will have all you need. I haven’t tested it lot so tell me if anything is missing

Well, my phone is ARM and aonly. I’ll wait for your tutorial to build it myself.

I’ve read Andy’s instructions but I don’t understand anything ! Can you make a simplified tutorial or build it for me ?

I’m a little confused. If we now have a e-GSI-pie rom. It should fit to ALL arm64 / a divices which are treble ready, or not ??

So e.foundation only needs to build GSI roms for each cpu (arm / arm64 / a and a/b). I can’t beleave that

Check my snippet : if your phone is ARM64 AND Aonly it will work (or at least it will boot and be usable).


And yes, the foundation will only need to build one image for each architecture but there can be some bugs cause treble is not fully supported by all hardware, for example on my cactus, the wifi hotspot and VoLTE are not working with treble without patch (I don’t care for VoLTE cause my carrier does not support it) BUT you can only install GSI on devices shipped with Oreo or Pie or more recent and you can’t build a GSI for older version than Oreo (so if the GSI is the only official way of installation, Nougat branch will be obsolete)

You can check if your hardware is fully supported by checking on phh’s wiki.

Yes I will write one,

I’m building you an arm32

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