[Feature request] Apps: sourcing information for each app

Maybe this is clueless, but …
can we have the information about the source of all the apks getting into the App app :slight_smile:? Like, did you get it from F-Droid, or Google Play Store, etc …

I mean, how to trust that the application on your store is what it claims to be? I already wrote here about the two Tor Browsers of which one is an obvious scam and another maybe, just maybe the official app.

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There have been several threads about this issue here on the forum some time ago like Where do Apps Come From? or /e/ app store: updates and sources.

Also check this: https://doc.e.foundation/faq#where-do-the-apps-in-e-installer-application-come-from
I am not aware of a way to tell where the sources of each package in the /e/-App atore come from.


Well, that’s a major issue. F-droid is at least curated. So, I think I’ll go full F-droid for the time being.

This problem is also addressed in the Bug-tracker: https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/backlog/-/issues/1395

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