Feedback for v1.20

I doubt you could replace Google Play Services with Micro-G without rooting the device (and therefore unlocking obligatory the bootloader).

I don’t know what went wrong with your installation, but I assume you performed the Fairphone OS updates just before installing /e/, which may have forced the “anti roll back feature” system to block your Fairphone 5…?

  • Vendor Name: Fairphone
  • Device name: FP3
  • Device CodeName: FP3
  • Version of /e/OS or Stock which existed previously: /e/OS 1.19-s-stable
  • Is the device Rooted / Not rooted: I don’t know

I found a problem, i have since a long time ago
System profile automatically chooses secondary SIM for cellular data
But it’s a problem only recently when, the second SIM have got a little data (when, i start use a second SIM card, the second SIM card don’t have data).
For me, it’s not automacally. When FP3 quit Wifi, in two cases on 3, the second SIM card are chosen.


Vendor Name: Motorola
Device name: One 5G Ace
Device Code: kiev
Existing Version of /e/OS: e-1.17-s
Not rooted.

After manual sideload of both copy-partitions-20220613 and e-1.20-t-20240222382228-dev-kiev, and several days of use, no anomolous issues to report.

Thanks so much!

Vendor Fairphone
Device Fairphone 4
Device FP4
Version of /e/OS 1.19
Not rooted

I have problems to update Apps in App Lounge and Aurora

@AnotherElk did you already successfully upgrade “Lisa” to Android 13 without formatting? I am afraid, because it’s my daily driver…

It still can be done downloading it directly into TWRP?

I don’t have lisa.

I upgraded my Fairphone 3 to Android 13 (T) successfully without formatting, but with Android version upgrades being what they are, even if such unofficial shortcuts were reported working by other users for my device, I’m always prepared to wipe my phone if the process fails for me, or if I encounter any trouble after an at first seemingly successful upgrade.

Facing an Android version upgrade, it’s just the clean approach to wipe, even if undesirable.

I wouldn’t know.
Generally speaking nowadays I wouldn’t use TWRP for installs when an OS provides its own recovery to do this. The /e/OS developers have control over what the /e/OS recovery does, while TWRP is an independent project and any compatibility with /e/OS is not guaranteed.

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You might check out this thread [Guide] /e/OS Upgrade Android 12 (S) to 13 (T) 'enchilada' - #3 by aibd – does lisa seem to share “method” with enchilada in your opinion ?

For future reference (this came a few days after your post) …

Which will of course not keep us from trying to get around wiping data (or hope for others to try before us) :wink: . But the recommended way is now clear, which should help manage expectations when deviating from this path.

That really is poor :frowning: It should not be acceptable that upgrading to a new version of the same ROM involves re-installing stock ROM and / or losing all user-installed apps and data. Especially as there is now working backup and restore solution with /e/OS

For now, I use Navika with my S9+ & my Pixel5 !

especially when dirty-flash is repported to work on most devices…

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I can confirm that the only way to update to T version from S on MiA1 is after wipe data ( clean install). So update is impossible without data loss.

After being bricked by LOS on an upgrade, this ROM saved me.
It’s a big deal, because it isn’t easy to find a replacement ROM with working microg in it.
As far as I can see, everything is working well, in fact, some stuff works better than LOS (don’t know exactly why, but some app live video feature works well while it was disabled on LOS).
When I got this OS booted, I was so relieved (or else my device would have been bricked for a long time)!
Oh and I like the feature of blocking trackers (without making the apps unusable) & integration of Tor.

Device: POCO X3 NFC
Apps: AuroraStore, Simple Calendar (I prefer this one over default, because it can load holiday calendar easier), a VPN app, a bank app, keepass, Session, Odysee, PipePipe(NewPipe), Rumble, Bitchute, RedReader, F-Droid, Syncthing, an online shopping app, Monzc, Yandex Translate & more to come.

The only thing I’m not too used of is the UI, but it’s not a big deal.

Mostly, I just want to say thank you all for your work.


Hi Obacht,

I’m on herolte too, and always check for your results before I do an install. I’m also upgrading from 1.17, and the updater is telling me that due to Adoptable Storage not being supported on Android 11, the update will wipe my device. Just wondering how you handled this? I have important data on my device that is not backed up anywhere, so I’m not sure how I can do the update without destroying it.


Firstly are you sure your SD card is used as Adoptable? A quick check is that in Files app, left hand Navigation pane, ⅔ of the way down, under the device Internal storage, you do not see your SD card and there is no eject button visible.

Unlike this image.

In which case the way forward will be to start backing up the important things.


“important” and “not backed up” are two terms excluding each other, only one can be true (outside of a reasonably short time span, as instant backups are difficult).

Backup regularly, and backup important stuff often, else your device might decide how important this stuff really is for you by crashing it somewhen out of the blue.

Fitting merchandise:

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Hi dkoneill,
thanks for your trust in my testing abilities :slight_smile:

The step should be from v1.17.1 to v1.20 as recommended here.
Do v1.17 → v1.17.1 first (if not done already).

My SD card was never used as adoptable storage so that was not an issue for me. Check status of your SD as suggested by @aibd

IF your SD-card is adoptable storage I cannot say what´s best to be done.
Maybe it is possible (should be I´d expect) to undo this specific SD-card-integration into internal storage in system settings before upgrade (?)

There is a special Release note for 1.17.1

And a Support topic

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Hi, my name is Walter. I am about to buy a Pixel 7a smartphone, but I have no experience on installing o\OS on a new Android phone. I would buy it, if someone would assist me step my step during the installation process. Maybe using TeamViewer. If I’ll do it by myself, I will get confused. Would you help? Grettings from Italy. Walter

All is resolved in update 2.0 :blush: !