Feedback for v1.5

I have it. Works well.

Just check several times for updates. Methinks they limit the download periods to lower the risk for users if the builds have an issue.

I just upgraded to 1.5 on FP3. Gesture navigation no longer works completely. Back to home (bottom to top) no longer work at all. Only previous gesture (left or right) works.

Just to be sure: are you experiencing echos on normal calls, too or only when on loudspeaker? For me the latter is the case.

Same than you. Need to restart my Fairphone 4, so annoying.

I can’t send MMS since the upgrade to 1.5 on my FP3+

Make the update today on samsung S9


Everything ok, installation easy and very fast.

Well done /e/ team !

Well maybe now that e have anounced a bugfixing initiative before 1.6 its time to check if there is already a ticket for this issue

Hi! Can you please tell me what are the most common reasons for installation errors. Maybe something to do with the installed recovery?
I use TWRP 3.2.

Hope too. Other things, i thought that 1.5 was on Android 12, why is not the case ?

Android 12 in e is still under development/testing afaik.


So why announce 1.5 is Android 12 ?

Arnaud, have 1.5 ota for my Samsung S9, go to system, system updates, click the refresh button until the update appears.

1.5 seems to be working fine on Samsung S9 plus x 2, haven’t had any problems.

A big thank you as ever to the development team.

Perhaps the announcement was about /e/OS Android S, was to happen at /e/OS 1.5 ?


Interestingly the developer option after the update was no more available. I have to enable ot again manually. This don’t appened for the other update.

Samsung S7 SM-G930F
V1.5 update flawless and everything fine so far
Thank You!

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Updated to 1.5 yesterday (S9+ dev Q), but this GPS bug is still there : GPS no more working on S9+ for some apps since 1.2 (#5984) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab
But not a surprise, as microG was not updated … :cry:
And the missing Reply-to button in Mail app is still missing (but this is a K9-Mail issue).
Apart from these 2 ones, everything seems OK though.

Thanks @AnotherElk

Then Android 11


On FP3

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On normal calls. As usual, no issue on messenger/signal.