Feedback for v1.8

Zenfone 8
Not rooted

All seems to be working well, OTA install.


XZ2 compact
Not rooted

Reboot to update was super quick like a normal boot.


Updated to 1.8.1-20230205257804-bardockpro
Everything works fine.
BQ Aquaris X Pro
Previous Version of /e/OS: 1.7-20230111250687
Device is not rooted

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Redmi Note 8T
updated from 1.7 to 1.8.1
not rooted

No issues so far.
Updating Mozc in App Lounge now works.

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my FP4 is running e/OS V1.5-20221030230467. When I try to update the system, I am told “no update found”. But I am telling you that we are at version 1.8.
Does anyone have any idea how to help me update?
Thank you in advance

I run with android 11
e/OS version : 1.5-r-20221030230467-dev-FP4

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Hello @Frat Are you maybe on stable? stable release has a bit of a delay. You might get it today…

Have look here how to find out:

Xiaomi Mi 9T (davinci) e-1.8.1-q-20230206257879-dev-davinci

  1. /e/ Recovery V1.8.1 ‘Q’ does not boot
  2. Both cameras are without function

The identical errors occur as with build e-1.7-q-20230112251029-dev

:mag_right: See more …

Hello Mihi,
thank you for your answer.
Yes i have a stable version but between the 1.5 and 1.8 version there are V1.6 and V1.7 and i had no updates for these versions.

I run with android 11
e/OS version : 1.5-r-20221030230467-dev-FP4

FP4 should have an OTA upgrade from Android 11 to Android 12.

Try manually checking for updates 4/5 times, what happens?

In your build number it says dev, so according to that you have no stable. Why you can’t find any update, I can not tell. Try the usual behavior of touching the icon for couple times. Manoj says at least 4 time. If that does not work and you want to forde it you can try to sideload it. Since you are on A11 R you will need to get familiar with the process if you want to get to A12 S. dev build do not get OS OTA upgrades.


Thank you.
do you think it’s because i use nova launcher ?
Otherwise, i will reinstall e/OS into v1.8…

Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact (xz2c)
/e/OS 1.8.1-s-20230204257074-dev-xz2c
not rooted
everything seems to be ok

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No, it is not depending on the launcher.

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One thing that sometimes seemed to help me (on an FP3+) with getting an OTA update was also to reboot the Fairphone before trying again.

I tried it but noting…

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Essential PH-1
/e/OS 1.8.1-q from 1.7-q
Smooth update.

App Lounge has an annoying, non-removable dialog. It takes awhile for thumbnails to show so an informational dialog would show about a timeout. In the background the thumbs are appearing but I can’t exit or back out of the dialog. Have to choose one of the options presented.
Unchecked the common apps. Started and closed Apps a few times and then re-enabled the common apps.
Got better after that. No more dialog.
The dialog itself is fine and informative. Not being able to dismiss it was annoying.

Browser update was a welcome surprise. Version matches the last Bromite. Sure Bromite is now behind the curve but that’s okay for now.
Plus I get my bottom toolbar back.
Settings → Accessibility → Move toolbar to bottom

  • OnePlus
  • 9 Pro
  • LE2127 (Not supported)
  • e/OS-1.7-s
  • Not rooted

It’s working fine for now, i just update via OTA. Thanks!

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I think it was disabled by the devs. Only blue available for now.

A big thanks to the /e/OS team for finally updating the Browser in v1.8, which was an important expected change for a lot of us :relaxed:

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/e/OS 1.8.1 Stable
Not rooted

Just got the update tonight. Everything seems fine.
Just noticed that “gallery” app is really slow to open (5 seconds to display images vs 2 seconds before). Tried to clear cache and data, reboot phone, etc…but no change.
Everything else works well by now. Will update if anything goes wrong.
Thank you one again for all the hard work!!

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