Feedback for v1.9

After I updated my FP3+, I started to add/remove some of the widgets on my home screen and since then Bliss Launcher has been constantly crashing every few seconds.

I tried removing the cache as well as storage for Bliss, but nothing helped, so I somehow managed to install a few other launchers and am currently defaulting to Simple Launcher.

Other than that, it’s been great! (And it was fine before I started playing with the home screen too)

Also thanks for fixing the Gallery app in 1.9.

I upgraded to v1.9 and my problem is the constant Advanced Privacy icon on the status bar along with the message that cannot be dismissed. It was not there with v1.8.
I have a Teracube 2e
with /e/OS version: 1.9-r-20230310268291-stable-emerald

A long press on the notification allows you to dismiss it

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Already did that in the morning. Sadly no change in battery usage… Today the same problem. I came home from work, used the phone for 1.5 hours (the whole day) and had 5% (!) left.

Hi there, I’m on 1.8.1 R on a Oneplus 8 Pro - the update for 1.9 does not show up in the system upgrade app - any advice? cheers

stable or dev? There might not be a 1.9-r-dev build yet for the 8 Pro …

Else … you could try to refresh the updater a few times.

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Same here with my gf FP3+. Good to know that you managed to open an issue for this Notes problem. Other than that, thanks to the team for the upgrade!

Vendor: Fairphone
Device: Fairphone 3
Device codename: FP3
Previous version: 1.8.1
Device is not rooted

Everthing works fine.

apparently my previous message did not meet the twenty character threshhold. the suggestion by MaMaTT88 solved my problem. thanks.


Vendor: Samsung
Device: S9+
Device codename: SM-G965F
Previous version: 1.8.1
Device is not rooted, bought at

Everthing works fine.
Thank you!


Vendor: OnePlus
Device: Nord
Device codename: AVICII
Previous version: 1.8.1 (not sure)
Device is rooted

The upgrade was successful.
Boot OK, everything seems to work … except the fingerprint scanner.
It doesn’t ask for fingerprint at screen unlock or other apps like bank apps, bitwarden, …

I still can see my 5 fingerprints in settings.
I tried to delete the 1st one but it stays greyed.
And if I quit and go back, it’s still present.

EDIT : it’s fixed after a power off / power on :slight_smile:

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Fairphone 2 / FP2 / not rooted
Update 1.9-20230312268580 / Android 11 / R
Default Camera App no longer working: After start goes black and to background
Open Camera works nicely
fyi only, no help needed

Tap on the round arrow in the upper right corner of the system update screen. Sometimes it comes not by itself, you must trigger that and then it’s there.

I searched before posting and did not find a category for issues with the latest upgrade so I post here.
Did not have this issue with 1.8 and the phone is a Murena One and have not many apps on it but the one Protonmail when composing or replying to an email the spell checker will change what I typed in the email e.g. Ken gets changed to Men and this occurs with multiple names.

I went into Settings/System/Language and input/Advanced/Spell checker and turned it OFF and this still occurs making it very annoying. Even rebooted the system but that had no change. Contacted Protonmail Support last evening and was advised the issue is with the Android System since they have no spell checker with their product.

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In Android the keyboard still has its own settings, since it’s an App you could replace with a different one. Please additionally check Settings - System - Languages and input - On-screen keyboard - Android Keyboard (AOSP) - Text correction.

I did as you suggested and checked the keyboard settings and that did resolve my issue with composing and replying to messages with protonmail app!

Thank you for your sincere reply.

No, I just meant the keyboard App has its own settings because it’s an App you can replace with a different one. Android’s overall success is largely based on customisability, sometimes you pay a little price for this.

Thank you for your suggestion AnotherElk. It resolved my issue! Being new to Android, after twenty years with Apple, I am amazed as you stated the customisability this system has. Could you recommend a book for newcomers to Android?

Most Appreciative.

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Where has this option gone for controlling the processor’s speed? Don’t know the correct word in English. Wasn’t this among the Accu settings?

I know there are books, but I don’t know whether they are any good. I don’t even know how those books go about covering this.
The more detail they would go into, the more they would risk not fitting what users have in their hands and see on the screen, because it can be totally different and still Android. And this is even without the next major Android version coming around and changing things.

Most of what I know I got from searching the internet for my questions and from reading in forums just as this one here.